IQ Genex Natural Focus Booster Review- A Healthy Nootropic


While there are several supplements out there that help to improve performance particularly relating to sports performance, there is always hope that a miracle product would also improve the cognitive functioning and mental capacity. Generally, nootropics carry side effects in their wake. However, a new supplement with a unique formula called IQ Genex Natural Focus Booster looks promising with its caffeine-based composition.

This supplement works to improve the mental abilities of a person leaving him sharp-minded, focused, and alert. It has made it to the market after extensive research, and the best part about this product is that it does not show any side effects at all.

What is this Product?

The IQ Genex Natural Focus Booster is a unique, new nootropic that help to improve cognitive ability and functioning. Its clinically proven formula naturally and efficiently assists in providing cognitive enhancement. Unlike most of the nootropics that rely on pharmaceutical compounds or inefficient herbal extracts, this supplement is based on caffeine supplementation paired with an innovative delivery method.

This nootropics supplement works to optimize both the mental and physical capacity by improving the metabolic function and modulating neurotransmitter function. Typically, the nootropics with formulas based on pharmaceutical compounds show side effects such as energy highs and lows. However, the IQ Genex formula does not show any such side effects or energy crashes and spikes. This is due to the integration of the WGCP in the pure and fresh green coffee bean extracts, which allow for a steady flow of energy, no side effects, and improved cognitive ability.

How does it work?

The IQ Genex Natural Focus Booster brain supplement is composed of a unique formula of caffeine. Caffeine is not extracted from the roasted coffee beans rather it is extracted straight from the sun dried raw green coffee beans. The typical problem, seen as a major side effect of the nootropics, is that there is an energy imbalance in the body. However, this is not the case with IQ Genex.

This brain supplement is driven by the WGCP compound that has been well researched and clinically proven as well. Most of the caffeine supplements taken from the roasted coffee beans are highly bioavailable, but they have a short duration of potential positive effects.

By incorporating the WGCP compound in its formula, which is extracted from the sun dried raw coffee beans the above drawbacks are subtracted from the use of the supplement. WGCP consists of all the phytonutrients that are found in the green coffee beans, carrying a plethora of amino acids, antioxidants, chlorogenic acids, and fiber.

WGCP’s photogenic profile is capable of regulating the blood sugar levels and providing the body with a steady supply stream of caffeine over a long duration of time. As a result, the mental performance achieved lasts throughout the day.

Expected results

The IQ Genex is an effective brain supplement that provides lasting results. The Natural Focus Booster provides improved concentration and focus for straight six hours after the regular supplement dosage. Also, there are no harmful effects on the central nervous system.

Not only does the supplement improve the focus but it also enhances the working memory capacity and elevates the mental functions such as assisting in faster information processing. Additionally, the antioxidant phytonutrients in the whole green coffee bean extract also eliminate free radicals from the brain, which lowers the oxidative stress and minimizes the neuroinflammation.

Zero Side Effects and Clinical Test

The initial generation of nootropics supplement was composed of pharmaceutical compounds that were untested such as from the piracetam chemical family. Such supplements did bring about an increase in the cognitive functioning but with side effects. The results were achieved at the expense of potential mental burnout and increased neurotransmitter usage.

The solution, thus achieved was an improved boost in the performance of the brain but with the risk of unwanted side effects with a potential of long-term damage.

This is, however, not the case with IQ Genex Natural Focus Booster. This brain supplement makes use of the patented timed-release of caffeine compound that has been clinically proven to show an improvement in cognitive function minus the traditional drawbacks of caffeine supplementation.

The most significant thing of all is that this product and its composition along with the method of delivery are well researched and backed by clinical trials. A professional third party laboratory conducted a double blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, clinical trial. The trial discovered that the WGCP is 87% more effective in improving the working memory when compared to the traditional sustained caffeine release supplements. The study also found that the procedure in this supplement offered a 61% increase in the response inhibition minimization over the roast coffee bean sourced supplement.

The slow release of the caffeine with this supplement also does not interfere with the cardiovascular functioning and therefore, there are no typical side effects such as nervousness, nausea, insomnia, and increased heart rate.


There are several advantages of this supplement. Some of these are:

  • There are no side effects as associated with the initial generation of nootropics
  • No drawbacks of caffeine supplementation
  • Incorporates a patented time-release caffeine compounds
  • Extracts caffeine from whole green coffee beans that are sun dried that has lots of advantages and phytonutrients as compared to caffeine derived from the roasted coffee beans
  • Formulated after deep research
  • Backed with scientifical evidence
  • A clinical trial has also proven the performance of this supplement


The IG Genex Natural Focus Booster is an effective brain supplement that stands apart from the general crowd of nootropics, as it does not show the traditional side effects. This supplement is based on a natural formula of patented time-release of caffeine that is also free from the harms of the caffeinated supplements. The supplement helps to improve mental functioning with an enhanced concentration, piqued alertness, and improved working spatial memory. Furthermore, all the results of this supplement are long lasting. This risk-free supplement is presently available on a free trial basis so one would not have to pay even a penny.


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