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Growing up everyone read about The Notebook and was crestfallen to know about Allie’s dementia. Alzheimer’s was the culprit that she forgets about her intense teenage love. Now, as adults, everyone knows that Alzheimer’s is not fiction but fact. And it haunts people today when the brain cannot pick out any particularly memory, fact, or detail from its memory shelf. Terms such as beta-amyloid plaque only haunt one further.

However, what if one is told that starvation is the real root reason of Alzheimer’s. Every puzzle makes sense in the book ICT Protocol Atlas of Natural Cures. Dr. Glenn Rothfeld pens it and provides natural cures for Alzheimer’s based on nutrients. The book narrates about the effectiveness of a vitamin supplement called ICT Protocol. It is a perfect and balanced blend of all the ingredients that nourish the brain and satiates its hunger.

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What is the ICT Protocol?

This is a vitamin dietary supplement that is healthy for the brain to help recover from degenerative diseases such as dementia and memory loss. It reverses Alzheimer’s and yields promising results.

It is a liquid supplement that is rich in Vitamin B, B6, B12, and folic acid that are proven to cut down the levels of homocysteine by 29%. Homocysteine is a blood protein present in the blood of patients with Alzheimer’s. Vitamin B, in particular, reduces the levels of homocysteine by 30%.

According to Dr. Rothfeld, the beta-amyloid plaque is not the real reason behind Alzheimer’s. It is just a symptom of the disease that causes forgetfulness, depression, and confusion associated with Alzheimer’s. Hence, he has worked out a formula with natural ingredients and without side effects that helps to rid the cause of Alzheimer, which is starvation of the brain.

How does it work?

The remedial cocktail has MCTs that are the abbreviation for Medium Chain Triglycerides. The amalgamation of these healthy fats ensures the quick and proper absorption of nutrients as they get into the bloodstream.

In the case of mild cognitive inability, the MCTs alone suffices to treat and eliminate them. In cases of greater cognitive failure, these good fats in combination with vitamins can cure and erase the problem.

Furthermore, the vitamin cocktail ensures that adequate oxygen reaches the brain to stimulate the multiplication of cells and tissues.

The Root Cause of Alzheimer’s Disease

Years of research have led the doctor to discover that the beta-amyloid is just an indicator of the diseases. The autopsy of the people who died due this illness has revealed plaque is just a sign of dementia.

As one age, the digestive system slows leading to slow absorption of nutrients including those essential for the health of the brain. This, in turn, leads to the improper nourishment of the brain cells that becomes undernourished over time. The disturbance of the health diet equilibrium of the mind ultimately leads to weakened memory, brain fog, confusion, and all the other signs of Alzheimer’s.

About Dr. Glenn Rothfeld

The author of Atlas of Natural Cures and the curator of the liquid vitamin supplement, ICT Protocol is Dr. Rothfeld. He has 41 years of experience as a general practitioner Waltham, MA. He is also a medical director of the Rothfeld Centre for Integrative Medicine in Waltham Massachusetts.

Dr. Rothfeld has a background from Harvard fellowship and has authored eight more top selling books that cover the a-z of heart and back pain. Moreover, he has dedicated his entire life to research about curing Alzheimer’s. Until finally he has come up with this vitamin cocktail that is full of vitamins, glucose, choline, phosphorus, and other. It is specially enriched with vitamin B that is mandatory to stop the memory from shrinking.

The Benefits of the Vitamin Supplement for Alzheimer’s

There are several advantages of using this liquid supplement. Some of these are:

  • There are 100% positive results. In no time, the high-octane mix that has all the vital vitamins will show improved memory and treat the disease.
  • The good part is that is free from side effects. The dietary supplement is risk-free so all the results achieved have no harmful on one’s health
  • It is a rescues individuals from the tedious bills of pills, drugs, injections. Life is once and for all rid of medications.
  • With the supplement, there is no need to go for treatment through surgeries or operations.
  • The supplement also curbs the increased risk of development of tumors and stops the production of cancerous cells.
  • Also, the vitamin-powered liquid develops a protective shield over all the organs and protects from their failure as well.

More in the Atlas for Natural Cures

ICT Protocol not only reveals the cure for Alzheimer’s with this nutrient cocktail that concentrates in incorporating MCTs, Medium Chain Triglycerides, in the diet along with supportive nutrients that optimize its absorption.  The Atlas for Natural Cures also deals with curing other diseases. Three examples are:

  • The treatment for cancer. The book provides a natural remedy for cancers that have been previously battled only with chemicals. It aims to eradicate some cancers with the aid of particular medicinal mushrooms.
  • The book also has a section on ailments such as arthritis. There are natural ways to reduce the pain and soothe the inflammation to get rid of arthritis.
  • Dr. Rothfeld also discusses the cure for diabetes and soaring levels of cholesterol with the help of natural ingredients and home remedies.

The Price

The eBook of cures is 500 pages long and comes with the supplement. It takes $74 to order the newsletters and the supplement. The costs are, however, lower for senior citizens with $34 only.


The ICT Protocol is a natural treatment for all Alzheimer’s. The liquid cocktail of essential vitamins and MCTs treats the diseases in a natural manner without any side effects. So one does not have to go for any expensive treatments and is free from the medications and medical expenses. It shows positive results in no time so that an individual is free from sufferings.

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