HR23+ Hair Health Review – Hair Restoration Tablets


There are many things to welcome in life, but a bald head is never one of them. But hair loss, scientifically known as alopecia or pattern baldness is a bitter bite of reality. It is common in 40% of men after the age of 35. The numbers surprise more as they increase to almost 65% of men after the age of 50. Women face the same situation with 80% of them facing the hair loss problems after 60. One strand, two strand and then multiple strands until bald patches are visible; it’s simply more than a human heart can bear.

A clear and promising solution to the problem is the HR23+ Hair Health that is an effective treatment for hair loss for men and women. It also encourages good hair growth along with showing the red signal to falling strands.

What is the HR23+ Hair Health?

This is an effective, free from risks formula that is made with natural herbal extracts. These ingredients are also clinically proven for their safety and efficiency. The supplementary product is a combination of an orally taken pill along with a topically applied serum, both of which work to treat hair loss and grow healthier hair.

It is an effective solution for individuals losing hope and confidence due to hair fall and a bald head. It fully taps into the science of hair fall and yields a hairy head.

The two health hair products include:

HR23+ Hair Health Supplement

It is a complex formula of natural compounds that treats the root of the hair problem and boosts the body to grow hair from the inside. It is rich in nutrients such as grapeseed extract, biotin, zinc, saw palmetto, green tea extract, and more. The supplement is taken orally, and its ingredients ensure that the levels of DHT drop in the body so that more hair growth is promoted.

Scalp Therapy Treatment Serum

The serum is used in combination with the daily dietary supplement. It contains a keratinocyte growth factor polypeptide that stimulates the growth of hair. A lot of research has gone into the formulation of this scalp therapy serum. It is an iteration of rh-polypeptide-3 that is the older version.

This treatment serum contains sh-polypeptide-3, which is safer and an advanced, updated, and reliable formulation instead of the defunct polypeptide.


All the ingredients used in the composition of the products are safe to use, free from any adverse reactions and side effects both in the short and long run. Moreover, all the ingredients are natural and are clinically checked as well.

The ingredients are also open to the public to promote transparency of the product. The composition includes cooper, zinc, choline, folic acid, biotin, nicotinic amide, pantothenic acid, inositol, para-aminobenzoic acid, dimethyl Suphone, Ginkgo Biloba, L-cysteine, saw palmetto, silicon dioxide, green tea, and pygmeum africanum. Vitamins present in the ingredients entail vitamin C, E, V-6, B-1, and B-2

The mechanism of hair loss

The real reason for hair fall is still unclear. Science has still not been able to lay a finger on a particular cause; however, it has placed a broad hand over hormonal imbalance, which scientists understand to be the leading cause of hair loss.

As and when hormonal imbalances occur, it induces an elevation in the level of another hormone called the DHT. The dihydrotestosterone goes anti-parallel to the healthy hair growth. Along with disturbing the natural hair growth pattern, DHT makes the hair follicles inactive.

The natural pattern of hair growth and the role of DHT in it

Hair grows in three phases that are:

Phase I: hair grows naturally from the follicles that have long life

Phase II: shutting down and reactivation of follicles that grow hair

Phase III: the follicle is inactive, and the hair growth shifts to an inert phase of rest.

The DHT increased levels push the follicles into the last phase of inactivation. The follicles are constricted, prevented new hair growth.

How the Hair health products combat the hair problem?

This product work on a two-fold level. Firstly, it reverses the hair loss problem and thinning hair, and secondly, it encourages the growth of new hair that are thicker and healthier.

It achieves its goals with a simple science backing it. It is a potent formula that contains clinically proven ingredients, which block DHT and reactive follicles, encouraging them into the growth phase. This results in restored hair and a fuller head.

Why is this supplement good?

This dietary supplement for one’s hair health stands a better chance as it has research backing it. Recent studies have revealed that the best supplements for hair loss are the one that is enriched with nutraceutical compounds. These elements have the ability to restore critical elements that balance the levels of DHT and restore active hair follicles.

Other supplementary products in the market such as Rogaine come with adverse side effects. Common side effects include sexual disorders, erectile dysfunction, blurred vision and cardiovascular complications. This is not the case with HR23+ by Hair Health. This pill is packed with dietary supplementation in combination with synthetic serum topical treatments for effective hair loss treatment.

Moreover, this product is made after thorough research and cutting edge medical insights to boost hair growth and reverse hair loss.

Lastly, it does not rely on false promises and marketing gimmicks to gain customers rather it shows positive results in no time with its herbal extract formula.


The dosage of this dietary supplement, which is the most effective supplement that can be bought without a prescription, is two tablets daily with a glass of water.

The serum accompanies the tablets and needs to be applied to the scalp.


Safe and efficient to use, HR23+ dietary supplement is an excellent solution to hair fall and new hair growth. It is for both the genders and is made of natural herbal extracts that are also clinically tested. The results are also promising and show soon so one can bid adieu to a baldhead and welcome a hairy one.



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