High Carb Fat Loss Review: How Is An Effective Weight Loss Program?


Calorie calculation can be frustrating. It is already tough to curb one’s eating habits. Top that up with limiting some foods and allowing others to an excess without proper information can be more than just onerous. In fact, when it comes to effective weight loss, it is critical to have someone to lead one’s steps in the right direction. Other than that, a person is simply like a blindfolded individual who tries to step toward any and every direction to find the right way. One natural solution that can guide a person to the right way of losing weight is the High Carb Fat Loss Diet.

This is an online program/course that trains a person to shed the additional pounds to achieve a slim and trimmed physique. The basis of this program is not a high-fat diet. Rather it focuses on a high carbohydrate diet. A significant amount of research and experience has gone into the making of this program. This speaks for its credibility. At the same time, one does not have to worry about adding some items while subtracting others. The program will be taking the responsibility of the full guidance.

High Carb Fat Loss Review

The High Carb Fat Loss is an online program. It will help a person to bring the soaring weight digits down to a healthy number. Resultantly, one will get a fast metabolic functioning with a healthy lifestyle and a toned built.

The program has been developed by experts in the field named Rusty Moore and Mark Kislich. They claim that carbohydrates are immediately consumed by the body, whereas, fat is stored. It is not converted into carbohydrates. Therefore, they explain that only a high carb diet can kick the metabolic performance into its active mode so that weight loss can be achieved naturally.

There is an extensive amount of research that has gone into the making of this program. The process is centrally based on what is termed as De Novo Lipogenesis. The main aim is to reduce weight effectively in a manner that once a person is done with the program, his weight does not creep up again.

This is pretty common for most of the diet plans. As soon as a person is over with the meal plans and tailored dietary needs, the weight jumps up. This makes most of the hard work useless. Consequently, this online course works to blend together normal eating out sessions with weight loss periods so that the weight declines steadily instead of fluctuating.

About the Creators of the Program

The High Carb Fat Loss is designed by two field professionals. They have both experience and expertise backing them. One of the curators of this course is Rusty Moore.

He has a long work experience as a fitness trainer. In fact, he has worked with the runway models and helped them maintain their sleek figures. Moreover, Moore has worked as a fitness writer for over 10 years now.

On the other hand, the other person behind this program is Mark Kislich. He is an Icelandic fitness expert who manages and writes a known fitness blog. He is basically an Olympic Strength and Conditioning Coach. Mark also has experience working with the elite athletes and has also worked for a long time on body fitness.

The Development of the Program

Mark and Moore did not know each other prior to the making of this online program. In fact, they met online when Mark started leaving comments and interacting with Rusty on his fitness blog.

Eventually, Mark started to document his personal progress with a high carb and low-fat diet plan. He lost around 100 pounds. This was when both of this fitness experts decided to collaborate and research more on such a diet plan for weight loss. Together, after the lapse of several months, both these pros created the High Carb Fat Loss Blueprint.

What Does the Program Do?

It is essential to learn about the claims of this program or any other for that matter. The High Carb Fat Loss online course offers one shed the additional kilos by intaking more carbs that will fuel the body’s metabolism. The expected attempts of this program include:

  • Accelerating the body metabolism into its optimal functioning by relying more on the consumption of carbohydrates
  • Preventing the body from reserving large amounts of fat
  • Enhance one’s energy levels
  • Reduce a person’s risk of diabetes by boosting the body’s sensitivity to insulin

How Does It Work?

This online course is based on a simple conception. The idea is that the body stores carbohydrates as carbohydrates and fats as fats. There is no interchange of nutrient categories. And the body tried to use all the carbs as fuel rather than storage as fat.

This process is scientifically backed by a mechanism known as De Novo Lipogenesis. This is a complex process that occurs in the liver and fatty tissues of the body. The main idea presented by the makers of this program is that the body attempts to abode this process.

There are a number of scientific studies too that explain this process and its effectiveness is losing excess weight. However, mostly there is mixed evidence on the usefulness of a high carb diet and a low-fat diet for weight loss.


The High Carb Fat Loss program is one time free that does not need any subscription fees or so. It is marked at a one-time price of $67, which is economical enough. With the plan, a person would get in-depth diet plans for weekdays. Weekends are for freedom to eat.

The program also includes the vegan diet template by Mark. And Rusty’s plan for eating food without putting much weight. The course has a lifetime access to its program.


The High Carb Fat Loss program is a potent program that can help a person to lose weight. It is based on a diet plan that is high on carbohydrate consumption. The online weight shedding plan is affordable and does not cost a bomb too. Other than that, there is detailed guidance on every matter.


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