GreenSmoothieGirl Review – The Best Health Brand?


GreenSmoothieGirl is a brand created by Robyn Openshaw. The website offers several programs, e-books, manuals, guides, supplements and resources, in short, everything one can need to flush out toxins from the body and maintain a balanced health. The company focuses on plant and herb based foods and drinks that can help one lose weight, strengthen immunity and get all the nutrition needed by the body to function properly.

What are the features of this brand?

Health is wealth. Even the slightest disease can rattle a person. It is essential to maintain proper health so that one doesn’t become prey to a wide array of health problems. But maintaining a healthy diet or making sure the body is getting all the nutrients it needs isn’t as easy as one would suggest. It requires a whole lot of effort and hard work on a person’s part for him to finally attain the goal of a balanced diet and an improved lifestyle.

Less people have the time it takes to decide the nutritional amounts the body requires in order to function optimally. In this busy world who has the time it takes to wake up every morning and prepare a chart that contains all the recipes, ingredients and foods it takes to ensure the body is getting proper nourishment. One would rather order some junk food from the nearest food outlet than waste time like that only for a routine he can hardly keep up with.

But this is exactly where individuals make a mistake. They take health and wellness to lightly. One way a person can be sure that his body gets all the nourishment is through GreenSmoothieGirl. This is a renowned brand that sells products like detoxifiers, programs that talk about diets, books and other such resources that concentrate on helping Americans get rid of their junk diet and instead choose something much healthier.

Not taking proper care of one’s eating habits can lend him in a whole lot of trouble. Obesity, diabetes, heart diseases are just a few of the illnesses that an unhealthy person is at the risk of. With this brand, one can get rid of all these problems and live a better life. It provides one with several tools that can help him toss out the impurities from his body, boost his metabolism, lose weight, fight off ailments, and raise his energy levels.

Unlike other programs this one doesn’t promote the use of impure ingredients that can have an adverse effect on health in the long term. It encourages a plant-based diet. It doesn’t talk about the basics, but after a brief intro it dives directly into the details. This makes it even better as it doesn’t engage one in filler content rather it talks about the actual and relevant important information. The site also sells some resources such as ingredients and supplements that one can make use of.

The genius behind this program

The person who created this stellar brand, GreenSmoothieGirl, is Robyn Openshaw. This woman isn’t someone who doesn’t know what she is talking about. Instead, this lady is dedicated to her work and she has been through the impacts and sufferings caused by an unhealthy diet. Robyn Openshaw had a lot of diseases so much so that she took six different medications in a day for 20 different diseases.

That is when she decided to improve her diet. Thus, initially she had collected and developed all this for herself. She gained success in maintaining a balanced diet to the extent that she didn’t have to take any pills anymore and lost 70 pounds in the process. After that she disclosed all this information to the entire world by making this brand. A company that helps individuals with cleansing their system and maintaining health.

Products offered by this company

GreenSmoothieGirl is a brand of many products. From programs that talk about foods that can help one make sure his diet is healthy, to e-books and guides that contain all the recipes and ingredients that can help one reduce weight and improve his lifestyle. Then there are some ingredients and supplements as well that the website offers. This way one can get all he needs for proper health with this brand.

Detoxifying products are also sold on this site. The main goal of all these; programs, podcasts, books, manuals, supplements etc., is to help lose weight and gain other health benefits through a plant-based diet. As the name of the site suggests it is all about eating green. The latest product of the company is “12 Steps to Whole Foods.” It is a program with videos and books that can help one’s health in several ways.

The benefits of going for this brand

One attains several health merits of going for GreenSmoothieGirl. The first is that it helps flush out impurities from the body and speeds up the process of metabolism. Next it helps one reduce weight. With these products, one can drop some pounds to the extent that he or she could just go for the brand with only this goal in mind. Also, since the brand doesn’t encourage the use of harmful substances nothing brings along adverse side effects.

Since everything can be purchased online, it is also a rather convenient way of staying healthy. There are many things that the website actually offers for free as well. With these green products, one can strengthen his immune system and combat the risks of diseases as well. With these green products, he can make sure that his health is not compromised and his body is provided with the nourishment that it requires.


There are several online health brands that aim to help customers maintain proper health and wellness. Alas, not all are trustworthy. One of the few that are reliable and useful is GreenSmoothieGirl. It gives one access to programs, podcasts, manuals, guides and supplements that are sure to help with his health and weight goals through plant-based diets and products.


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