Golo Diet Review – Can It Promote Healthy Weight loss?


It is really sad that one has to trim away his or her fat to stay slim every once in a while. It feels depressive and sad that life and a good food lifestyle throw some extra pound on one’s weight. Just leaving a diet plan seems like an invitation to some more numbers on the weight machine. So, dieting seems like nothing more than a trap that helps one lose weight, only to gain it back as soon as one thinks of stopping the diet.

There is one breakthrough from this cycle of diet though, and it’s called Golo Diet, a program that has been searched the most in the previous year of 2016. The program is a 30-day plan that is based on a supplement, meal plan, and an year’s membership of myGOLO.com. The Golo’s 30-day rescue plan shows positive results that range from weight loss, insulin management, and permanent freedom from dieting.

What is the Golo Plan?

The plan is a combination of a healthy eating meal plan, a supplement called Release, and exercise. The free membership to the site is another plus that helps track one his weight and get updated information on fitness and food.

The program is planned and formulated by authentic sources with scientific backing. The eating plan and the patented supplement both rely on natural ingredients, so the entire golo plan is safe and healthy without any side effects.

One is free from any risks or reaction both in the short and long term of the usage of the supplement. Moreover, all herbal ingredients are used. Unlike other plans and products that promote their use based on constant dosage, the golo diet plan instructs to be used for a few months, following which the use of the supplement can be slowly taken out of the diet.

The results are amazing. Not only does the program rewards an individual with a slim and fit body with trimmed fat and shed pounds but also frees one of the dieting trap.

Components of the Program

The Golo diet program is based on the following components:

• The Patented Supplement
The Release Supplement is a patented product of this diet plan. Manufactured in California, it is made of all natural ingredients that have their basis in herbal substances extracted from various corners of the world.

The primary function of Release pill is to optimize the production and performance of insulin along with increasing the sensitivity of the cell receptors. In cases when insulin is not functioning properly or regularly, the pill can supplement for it.

The results that can be expected from the use of this supplement include robust support for the body metabolism, healing metabolic dysfunction encouraging the release of fat, curbing glucose production to put a full stop to weight gain and cut back the food cravings. The supplement also serves the purpose of controlling hormonal imbalance to control stress and improve mood.

Instructions to Use

The soft gel like Release supplement is to be taken between meals to help control the additional pounds, optimize the insulin production, and boost the use of stored fat. After insulin optimization, around 3-6 month later, the Release supplement use can be eventually taken out of the diet.

The Eating Meal
Diet plan end up a person making friends with hunger pangs and fatigue. However, the Golo Metabolic Fuel Matrix is an eating plan that focuses on nourishing the body with healthy foods that comprise of all the vital micro and macro nutrients.

The right balance of nutrients in the body keeps the body active, and metabolism fueled with energy. The plan also stabilizes the insulin production with the healthy foods.

The healthy foods in the right combination help to reduce excessive weight and help to maintain it once the desired results are achieved. One can minus hunger pangs and less energy in this dietary plan and add weight loss with a full feeling.

There are 3 matrix meals in a day that provide balance nutrients for the day, and one can customize the meal plans from options of a variety of foods such as, vegetables, grains, fruits, eggs, butter, and meat.

There is also an additional guide called Creating matrix Meals that help to understand and guide the recipes of making these insulin-friendly and healthy meals.

The Membership
The mygolo.com membership is an extra with the package. It gives the free access to online tracking of weight, metabolic health analysis, and progress. One can also get updated information on health, fitness, and food.

Downloading printable shopping lists plus the seasonal menus of the special edition as well as the restaurant cards.

The Man Behind the Plan

Kieth Ablow of the John Hopkins School of Medicine and the New York Times best-selling author of self-help make this plan. He is also the certified holistic nutritionist of Jennifer Brooks. He wanted to address the issue of management of insulin and, therefore, after thorough research and study with his team of medical doctors the GOLO diet program was born.


  • The program has the following plus points.
  • Shows immediate results within 90 days such visible inches disappear from the waist and dress size reduces.
  • The supplement doesn’t demand a lifetime usage
    The supplement is free from any stimulants, artificial ingredients.
  • Release is composed of natural, herbal ingredients .
  • The program is safe and free from side effects
  • It not only reduced weight but also maintains it.
  • Gives freedom from regular cycles of dieting so one can eliminate dieting from their life once and for all.


• People who are patients of Diabetes type 1 should use the program only after consultation with their physician
• New mothers or pregnant woman should not use the supplement


The Golo diet plan is a full package based on natural ingredients of herbal extracts and a diet plan packed with balanced nutrition. It not only manages insulin and weight but it also helps to get away from the regular track of dieting to put off weight by consistently maintain the lost weight.


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