Gaia’s Protocol Review – Healing Illnesses the Easy Way?


Gaia’s Protocol is a program that makes use of therapies, non-strenuous exercises, foods, supplements, and other techniques to aid people in getting rid of illnesses and ailments without having to rush to the doctor or take those prescription drugs. Based on scientific research, this system revolves around the concept of providing the body with optimal amounts of oxygen to stay healthy and safe.

Gaia’s Protocol Review

Everyone dies but some people die more painfully than others and perhaps that is what makes all the difference. Illnesses can kill one before death. Take for instance cancer and tumour; these can ruin one’s life in a manner that one wishes to not wake up the next day. Arthritis, dementia, Alzheimer’s, all these diseases, they make one suffer, and twist his organs before they finally land a person in his grave.

Doctors? They just say that the reason behind why so and so illness afflicted one is unknown and then they write down a list of meds that do more harm than good. What is the point of it all then? The person behind Gaia’s Protocol claims that medical professionals lie, they hide the truth because their living depends on it. He says that if doctors started revealing the truth the medical industry would drown, and they would obviously sink right with it.

The solution? That lies right in front of people. It’s all around them, they just cannot see it. And it’s called oxygen. Surprised? Well, that was expected. One must wonder though that if oxygen is the secret healing agent, the intelligent molecule, then why is it that people get sick at all? Why is it that their body is not able to combat a health problem as it shows up? The answer is simple; the air is contaminated.

And while the body requires about 21% of oxygen to function perfectly, one inhales not even half of the required amount! Most people just breathe in 10% of pure oxygen which is of course not enough. Introducing Gaia’s Protocol; a program that can solve this problem and make sure one’s body gets the amount of oxygen that it needs to fight off diseases and illnesses. This program makes use of therapies, recipes, workouts, and much more to ensure a better health and lifestyle.

What are the components of this program

Gaia’s Protocol can be divided in quite a few categories. As the official website of the product itself puts it, following are the main components. These have been briefly discussed as well.


The guide discusses foods that can boost oxygen in the body. These can increase the oxygenation power of one’s blood and ensure that his bones are strong. It talks about a certain vitamin in an individual’s meals that can increase the supply of red blood cells which in turn takes the notch up on the oxygen flow in one’s blood.

It also talks about a special honey that is enriched with oxygen water. It also talks about the type of oxygen water that can clean and sterilize food to fight off harmful bacteria. It makes one aware of the fruits and vegetables that have a hydrogen Peroxide formulation.


Next, the guide talks about workouts as well that are not exhausting and can be performed from the ease of one’s home. Since these are short and easy, a person is only required to dedicate fifteen minutes of his day to exercising. Way easier than other exercises that demand much more energy and give less. With the help of these workouts one can utilize oxygen to flush out toxins from his system.


The program talks a lot about oxygen therapies and what role they play. There is a “16 Day Dosing Chart” that runs one through how oxygen therapy can be followed at home. Then there is also a maintenance schedule given for it. It also talks about a therapy with the help of which one can learn how to boost immunity to stay protected from viruses in the chillier weather as well. For those struggling with serious illness, they receive a list of oxygen therapists in their area.

It informs one of the 21 medical diseases that allow oxygen therapy and are covered by insurance. A safe route of oxygen therapy that can be used to treat people who are suffering from mental illnesses such as autistic children. It further discusses how renowned athletes repair damaged organs and tissues and maintain peak performance throughout the years.

Home cleaning:

Gaia’s Protocol also elaborates how one can make his home safer and cleaner with regards to the air his family breathes. It talks about 16 ways to “green clean” one’s home and minus the harmful fumes and residues. Then, there is also a bubble bath that is discussed which can be created at home to treat skin related diseases such as fungal infections, eczema, etc. It also tells one the number of breaths he should inhale and how chest breathing is harmful for the body.

Supplements and more:

Finally, it also recommends a few supplements that can promote an increase in the oxygen content in one’s body. Then it also tells one how to select his own supplements by looking for the four necessary ingredients. It discloses how cancer, tumours, skin problems, digestive issues, arthritis, depression, artery blockage, etc. can be combated to live a way more peaceful life excluding the pain and the suffering. It explains how simply just an oxygen treatment can effectively assist one in keeping his health protected.


Gaia’s Protocol is one of the few programs that focuses on oxygenation therapy and other oxygen related treatments and techniques that can be employed to combat diseases. This program has been created by Kevin Richardson who is a health researcher and practitioner. This man has experience and expertise in his arsenal. The entire program can be bought for a discounted price of $39.95 plus S&H currently. The original price is $97. Additionally, there is a money-back guarantee as well. For further details one can visit the official website.


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