Fungus Shield Plus Review – Is It a SCAM? Find Out Here!

Fungus Shield Plus Review

Don’t buy Fungus Shield Plus without reading this review. You will change your mind after reading this Fungus Shield Plus review. 

Fungal infections can be disturbing. But that’s not all; these infections can be horrible and in some cases be fatal. Fungi can grow under various circumstances, the only thing that they need is a moist environment. There are numerous types of fungus but among these, there are about 300 different fungal species, which can affect the human body.

The infections can be external, attacking the skin and causing an itch that grows the infection. Examples of these include jock itch, ringworm, and athlete’s food. There are also fungi that can infect the private parts or the mouth of an individual. In rare cases, the infection can also penetrate into the lungs or the immune system, as a person breathes the fungi. This can lead to organ damage or in worst cases, death.

In such dreadful situations a person needs a supplement, which is both effective and reliable. The market is littered with supplements that make tall claims about their efficient and quick treatment of the fungal infections. However, at the end of the day, most of them are scam. A case in point is the Fungus Shield Plus. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, as there are reliable products with positive results like the Urgent Fungus Destroyer also present in the market. It is not that these claims are made without any formidable evidence. The following write-up has all the scientific reasons to declare a particular supplement a fraud.

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Lack of Clinical Evidence behind the Ingredients

The composition of the Fungus Shield Plus is all messed up. The creator of this product states that this supplement works to show quick and effective results for all types of fungal infections. The oral pill comprises of 26 natural ingredients, which according to the website are clinically proven. Although, that is not the true case for the following reasons

-Incomplete research

The manufacturer of this supplement cites incomplete clinical evidence. All the mentioned evidence comes from websites such as WebMD, Natural Medicines Databases, and There are no strong clinical studies mentioned as evidence, which distorts the reliability of the ingredient list.

-No reports of effectiveness’ of ingredients

The mentioned components in Fungus Shield Plus are not backed with any prove that such ingredients have any ability to prevent fungal infections from inflicting a person.

-Treatment accompanied by side effects

The website mentions that the product shows no side effects. But the research shows otherwise incase of several ingredients. There is a mild temporary digestive system upset that accompanies the use of this supplement.

One of the ingredients is cat’s claw and its use can show side effects like dizziness, headache, and vomiting. At the same time, quercetin can lead to headache and tingling in the limbs. In high doses, it can also cause kidney damage.

In the case of the ingredient selenium there are reports that its dosage can be possibly unsafe if it is taken in amounts greater than 400 mcg. WebMD also indicates lower doses over long time period can raise the risk of developing diabetes.

With regard to the other ingredient, the Natural Medicines Database suggests that graviola is potentially unsafe when it is consumed orally. It can also lead to movement disorders like in Parkinson’s disease.

The Creator Does Not Exist

The creator of this supplement is Richard Parker. The customers are informed that the person graduated from College of Medicine at the University of Florida in 1998. More information reveals that he has been working as a medical researcher at the laboratory affiliated with NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. However, the unusual fact is that the photo given with the creator is not of the person himself, as the same picture was used for showing Grant Anderson, the author of another scam product.

All these factors prove that Fungus Shield Plus is a scam. There are reliable products as well. One of these is Urgent Fungus Destroyer. One might think that this could also be a bogus supplement but here are all the reasons that indicate this supplement as an effective one.

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Reliable manufacturer

The foremost factor that speaks volumes of the trustworthiness of this product is that it has been manufactured by PhytAge Laboratories, which is a renowned name. In the world of supplements, it is always best to use products from a company that has an established name and has some products to its credit already.

In the case of Urgent Fungus Destroyer, the manufacturer has created several supplements and its supplements are known for their safe and effective results.

Effective usage

Urgent Fungus Destroyer is to be taken orally, which is a great way of treating the infection, as external usage might not efficiently cover the fungal problem.  Moreover, the product is akin to multivitamins so that there is no fear of over dosage or any side effects due to it.

Active ingredients

The composition is of 20 active ingredients, each of which are proven to be efficient in treating fungal infections. All the ingredients are also backed with clinical studies so that there is evidence that the product is safe for usage and poses no hidden harms. Furthermore, the root cause of the fungal infection is treated so that the infection is not only eliminated but also does not return.

Thoroughly researched

The Urgent Fungus Destroyer is created in specialized labs where there is full quality control of the ingredients used. The supplement is created by teams of specialized doctors and highly–experienced nutritionists who conduct prior in-depth research on the formula of the pills and also have knowledge before hand in their fields.

Final Verdict

The bottom line is that an acclaimed manufacturer of the supplement industry has created Urgent Fungus Destroyer. It is a verified and well-studied formula that shows no side effects. On the other flip side, the Fungus Shield Plus is a scam as it comes from a person whose identity is unknown and there is no scientific evidence backing the efficiency its formula.




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