French Wine for a Flat Belly Review – Lose Belly Fat Fast


French Wine for a Flat Belly is an online guide that teaches “weight watchers” on how they can use liquors to lose the unwanted fat from their body. The weight loss guide written by Tom Newman also specifies different ways on how users can lose weight fast without compromising on the foods that they like to eat.

Read on to find out about this unique concept.

What is French Wine for a Flat Belly?

Maintaining the ideal body weight is essential for a healthy life. however, those who have tried one of the several diet programs available in the market will agree that finding the one that suits the individuals lifestyle and weight goals is a challenging task.

Another issue that most dieters face is deprivation from the foods that they love to eat. However, according to the makers of this program, losing weight shouldn’t be a chore but a fun activity that one can benefit from all their life.

French Wine for a Flat Belly is a new and innovative plan that doesn’t restrict the users from the foods that they enjoy. It also doesn’t require spending extra long hours at the gym or eating harmful supplements.

The program is based on a scientific theory that claims that French Wine has the ability to boost body’s natural fat burning capabilities. The theory which has been feature in BBC, CNN, Fox News, and NBC states that by drinking high quality French Wine, users can expect rapid burning of fat, more energy, low blood pressure, and low cholesterol levels.

For those who are not well-versed with the topic, French Wine is made from a specific type of grape that is known to have powerful antioxidant properties. The French Wine also contains polyphenols which enhances the gut health by destroying the bad bacteria in the stomach.

The guide includes:

  • A list of French wines that are easily available at local grocery stores and contain ellagic acid, a natural antioxidant that slows down the production of fat cells and prevents new ones from developing.
  • A list of foods that should be consumed and are rich in polyphenols and resveratrol. These fat burning agents help transform the dangerous white into calorie burning brown fat.
  • A one month diet plan that specifies the combination of foods and wine that one should consume in order to lose the desired weight in only four weeks.

Bonuses included with the program:

The French Wine for a Flat Belly includes three bonus online guides. These are:

  1. Get Energized: A guide that lists the best energy boosting foods
  2. The Sex Drive Stimulator: Includes a list of foods and tips to enhance the users’ sex drive
  3. Pilates Power: The fitness program which should be applied to tone down the body. The program is not very intense and can be performed by individuals at all fitness levels.

Advantages of using French Wine for a Flat Belly program:

  • Easy to understand and follow
  • Doesn’t involve taking any type of slimming pill
  • Doesn’t require the users to go on a crash diet or hit extra hours at the gym
  • Completely natural and safe diet plan
  • The combination of foods and wine help create a healthy digestive system

Disadvantages of the French Wine for a Flat Belly Program:

French Wine for a Flat Belly is a safe and effective program which has little to zero side effects. Although, the name might suggest, the guide is not solely about drinking wine or one will turn into an alcoholic. Instead it explains in detail about the diet plan that consists moderate levels of both healthy foods and wine that ensures healthy weight loss.

The only drawback is that it is only available in digital format and users who are not as “tech-savvy” will find the mode of reading the guide inconvenient and will have to get the format printed.

Applying the program to daily life:

The makers of the program claim that the guide should be followed for 30 days consistently for the desired weight loss results. The plan is easy to follow and doesn’t require any prior planning or added grocery shopping.

In addition to the eating plan, users are also encouraged to take part in a healthy exercise routine that support weight loss.

Price of French Wine for a Flat Belly program:

French Wine for a Flat Belly is available for only $37.00. Consumers get instant access to the guide as soon as the payment transaction is completed successfully. This means that interested users can even start applying the program in their daily life as early as today – even now.

The French Wine for a Flat Belly program comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. Users who for any reason are not satisfied with the results or find the guide incompatible with their daily routine can contact the company’s customer representative and receive a complete refund.

It should be noted that the money back guarantee is only applicable within the first 60 days of making the purchase.


French Wine for a Flat Belly is certainly a unique concept that features a combination of diet foods and alcohol. Since most fad diet programs abstain the users from drinking alcohol, this diet will be highly appreciated by alcohol drinkers.

“Weight watchers” also find the guide unique and informative since it explains in detail about which wine is good and which ones should be avoided as they contain fat increasing elements. Furthermore, the guide is not only limited to alcoholic drinks but explains about a proper food plan that should be consumed as they contain the same beneficial properties.

Since each individual is different, one has to try the varying diet plans to find out which one works the best for them. The only way to find out if this one will work is to give it a try. If for any reason, the diet is not as effective as claimed – the money back guarantee is intact so users don’t have much to worry about – except their weight.



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