FootMedix Review – The Best Cream for Feet


FootMedix by Dr. David Watts is the right solution for dry and chaffed feet that are not only embarrassing but also painfully uncomfortable. The skin under one’s feet is a natural protective layer of heel that serves as natural socks. However, as the skin grows dry and damaged, it gets more and more painful to walk on the torn skin, and it definitely is nothing to put in the back drawer of one’s mind. This is a skin care cream that is latest on the market with the aim of restoring the freshness and smoothness of the skin.

Features of this Product

Dermalmedix FootMedix is the latest addition to the skin care regimen albeit a unique and effective one. With the regular use of this cream, the cracked skin of the feet heals to form a new, strong and smooth skin that makes one feel both confident as well as comfortable.

There are a number of reasons that this product stands out in the crowd, some of these include:

Cream that has anti-fungal blocker

The majority of the formulas used for repairing the wear and tear on one’s feet show side effects in the form of infections or other like issues. However, this is not so in this case. This product has an adequate amount of anti-fungal blocker, which keeps the feet dry during the repair of the sole so that no moisture is available for fungi to birth any sort of infection.

Enhances blood flow to the feet region

This formula increases the flow of blood to the feet of a person by dilating the targeted and neighboring blood vessels. This is an effective measure to ensure that the increased supply of blood to the feet allows for faster healing of the sole’s skin. The enhanced blood flow also improves the quality of the skin so that the new skin developed is smooth and fresh.

Affordable Price

Most of the ointments that promise results are heavy on the pocket. This product is, however, not only an affordable solution to cracked and painful feet but also an effective one

Quick results

The FootMedix does not make promises it cannot keep. Rather the cream yields immediate results that can be expected with the time frame of a month.

Reliable manufacturer and tested formula

This product comes from a highly knowledgeable doctor the formula of this cream has been designed after lots of research work, which is what makes the cream so efficient in its work

Deeply nourishing formula

Another noteworthy characteristic of this product is that it not only deeply nourishes but also hydrates and moisturizes skin with its shea butter formula.

Who is this product for?

This supplement is for all and sundry without any restrictions of gender. Anybody who has dry and cracked heels or feet that cause discomfort in walking is eligible for using this product. Results will show themselves within 30 days after which one will be left to admire his or her feet covered in soft and smooth skin. If the cracks appear again, the healing cream can be applied again without any hesitation.

The person behind this product

Dermalmedix FootMedix is the brainchild of Dr. Watts. Before making a decision about the use of any supplement, it is always significant to know about the face behind it and if the person is well aware and well versed in his field.

Dr. Watts, the manufacturer of this product, is indeed an expert in his subject, not only theoretically but also practically. He is a foot care professional who has treated several patients with skin related issues.

It was only after he poured all his energy and concentration into the research and development of this formula that this supplement was formulated. Hence, a person need not worry about the authenticity of the formula, as it is backed by extensive study, practical experience, and in-depth study.

Already the formula has helped several individuals and many of Dr. David’s patients in regaining their once beautiful feet skin.

How to use the product

It is effortless and easy to use FootMedix. All that a person needs to do is massage gently the cream over the affected skin that is dry and chipped. The massage will ensure that the full contents of the cream reach inside deeply and nourish and moisturize the cells from inside out. This step needs to be followed twice daily for smooth results in no time.

Purchase and pricing policy

The product can be purchased on the official website of the brand or by using the number given on the web page.

Each tube of the product costs $120. The price becomes more economical as the number of tubes goes up. Three tubes, therefore, cost $108.

In case the results are not satisfactory, which is rare as the cream has been receiving a positive response so far. Nonetheless, if a person is not content with the results, he can always get his money refunded under the back guarantee within the 90 days of purchase of the product.


  • The product is made after thorough research, so it shows positive results
  • It is an effective formula with results shown within a month’s time
  • Free from any side effects or adverse reactions
  • Deeply nourishes, hydrates, and moisturizes the cells
  • Maintains the beauty of the feet by yielding soft, strong, and smooth skin.
  • It is for everyone regardless of their gender
  • Comes with money back policy of 90 days so a person can have his money back if the results do not meet his expectation.


  • The purchase is only available online, so one will need a stable internet connection


The FootMedix is an effective formula that treats and heals the skin of the feel, which becomes dry and cracked due to daily wear and tear. Within no time, a person will see positive results. Moreover, this product is unique and has been manufactured after extensive research by foot professional, Dr. David Watts who has both practical experience and theoretical knowledge on the subject.


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