Flonase Review – Over The Counter Allergy Medicine


Flonase is a well-known anti-allergy medication. It is an effective and quick remedy for those who have been feeling under the weather. It specifically aims at relieving a runny nose and associated symptoms.

For the first time, this effective anti-allergy is now available in the form of an over the counter medicine. Suffering individuals do not need to see a doctor first in order to get a prescription. Instead, they can simply visit their nearest pharmacy and pick up the medicine for the quickest relief. In this way, both time and money are saved – no waiting for an appointment and no doctor’s bill.

Benefits of the Product

The medicine provides access to quick relief from allergy related symptoms. It fixes a runny nose in addition to relieving nasal congestion. Suffering individuals will be able to breathe better and feel absolutely relieved.

The product also offers a solution for other symptoms related to common allergies. It is an effective remedy for itchy nose which becomes irritated due to an allergy. This medicine soothes the inner lining of the nose in order to get rid of itchiness and restore one’s comfort. At the same time, it also stops sneezes.

When the nose is irritated, sneezing occurs as the body’s natural response for the sake of removing all irritants and toxins from the nose. However, frequent sneezing can be bothersome. The condition also interferes with everyday life including office hours. For instance, frequent sneezing during a meeting or presentation can ruin the day. Flonase gets rid of the irritants which are the culprits behind this condition. Therefore, the problem is fixed and individuals can go on with their normal routine without any interruptions.

The medicine also soothes the eyes. Allergies leading to a runny nose also often affect the eyes. As a result, the eyes feel irritated and become watery. Once again, this condition can have an impact on one’s everyday routine. However, by fixing the problem effectively with the help of this medicine, individuals need not take a single day off from work.

How does the Product Work?

Flonase stands out from conventional anti-allergy medication in several ways. Firstly, instead of being available in the form of pills, it offers a nasal spray. It consists of the same strength yet enhanced effectiveness as compared to prescription anti-allergy pills.

The nasal pathways are the most common entrance for allergens. This is how allergy causing substances gain access to the body. They release chemicals which lead to inflammation. This inflammation in turn leads to all the symptoms related to flu including a runny and itchy nose along with irritated eyes. As the medicine is sprayed in the nasal passages, it blocks the allergens right at the site of entry.  By doing so, it works as an extremely effective preventative measure in the allergy season. Individuals prone to such allergic symptoms in the season can use the spray once a day to avoid falling ill.

In addition, the medicine also works against the allergic substances which have already gained entry into the body. Conventional anti-allergy medication mostly works against only one common allergen – histamine. However, Flonase fights against not only one but six allergy causing culprits. In this way, it provides the optimum effectiveness and works every time a person is down with the flu regardless of the type of allergen.

Who can Use the Medicine?

This anti-allergy spray has been designed for anyone who suffers from allergy related runny nose, irritated eyes, sneezing and other related symptoms. The spray provides effective relief from nasal congestion no matter how bad it is. The relief lasts for as long as twenty-four hours. Regular use of the spray will completely eliminate the allergens, restoring the body’s healthy state.

For more sensitive individuals, the company offers Flonase Sensimist. This nasal spray consists of extremely fine mist which has been developed using the patented MistPro technology. This special spray is absolutely no-drip in order to offer the easiest use to individuals. In addition, it carries no scent and, therefore, does not bother individuals who are not too fond of any kind of fragrance in their nasal sprays. This special nasal medicine is also effective at providing the perfect relief from nasal congestion, irritation, watery eyes and sneezing.

This over-the-counter medicine can be taken by adults and children alike. For the latter, there is a special children’s formula. It has been designed keeping in mind the delicate and vulnerable bodies of children. The concentration has, therefore, been fixed accordingly. The medication will provide twenty-four hours relief to children without causing any drowsiness. Regular use during the allergy season will not lead to any harmful effect on the organs of the body, particularly the liver which is susceptible to damage due to medicine overdose.

The Bottom Line

Flonase has been introduced as an effective anti-allergy remedy which stands out from conventional allergy medication. It treats not only one but all the symptoms associated with such allergies by working against six different allergy causing substances.

This formula does not induce drowsiness as most anti-allergy medication does. As a result, users can remain perfectly active during the entire day. It is the most effective remedy for individuals who do not want to miss a single day from work. The medicine saves one from visits to the doctor and the associated bills. It is easily available without the need for a prescription.

It is a quick remedy and starts alleviating the symptoms within twelve hours of use. Regular use may take three to four days to completely eliminate the allergens from the body. However, only one puff of spray a day is sufficient. One does not have to rely on a heavy does.

Flonase provides relief from symptoms as bad as severe nasal congestion, frequent sneezing and irritated and watery eyes. The relief lasts the entire day providing comfort and soothing for an entire twenty-four hours period. This means individuals can lead a pleasant day and enjoy an interrupted sleep at bed time.


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