Flat Belly Fast Review – Visible Results In 10 Days?


Flat Belly Fast is a DVD based program created by Danette May. The program contains several tricks that help women lose more than 10 pounds in just 10 days. Read below to find out how it works.

What is Flat Belly Fast?

Belly fat is harder to lose than other areas of the body. Most women (and men) also complain that after following a strict diet plan and exercise regime, they are unable to burn the fat from the belly area. The excess fat around the tummy is unattractive and can ruin a person’s overall personality.

Unfortunately, it is established that weight is easy to gain but very hard to lose. This is why more than half of the American population is weight conscious and wants to lose weight – effectively and rapidly.

Although, many people succeed in reaching their desired weight goal, most find it challenging to reduce the excessive fat around their stomach. Many “weight watching women” give up the desire to pull off a bikini physique believing that it is only achievable by actresses and models.

Or they believe that they are now too old to achieve a skinny waistline.

Or maybe the only way to flaunt a skinny stomach is to go through expensive and risky surgical procedures.

Whatever myth is believed by the readers of this blog, Danette May and her team thinks otherwise.

The Flat Belly Fast program is designed to help women of all ages reduce the stubborn fat around the tummy in less than 3 weeks. The program consists of different tips, instructions, and recommendations that assist the women in achieving their desired body.

The educative and efficient program teaches the users how to:

  • Utilize both mental capabilities and breathing techniques that help burn fat around the stomach rapidly
  • Increase metabolism
  • Maintain a posture that leads to stronger and leaner core
  • Use short workouts to get the desired results
  • And a lot more

How Does Flat Belly Fast Work?

The program is easy to follow and requires no extra planning, shopping, or preparing. The best thing is that the program doesn’t deprive the users from eating their favorite foods. In fact, it recommends the users to eat 6 times a day.

The 10-day meal plan included with Flat Belly Fast is easy to prepare. Each meal is accurately balanced to provide the users with the perfect amount of nutrients, vitamins, carbs, fats, and proteins.

Some of the fat-burning dishes that can be prepared following the recipe by Danette May are:

  • Chicken Pasta
  • Chicken with Basil
  • Thai Stir Fry
  • Curry Quinoa
  • Cowboy Caviar
  • Chicken Artichoke Pizza
  • And many other mouth-watering recipes

The short workout programs are also easy to implement. They don’t require any expensive equipment or gym membership and can be conveniently followed at home.

Product Details:

The Flat Belly Fast program includes:

  • “Flat Belly Fast” DVD: The DVD will walk the users with a detailed description of the program.
  • Workout Videos: Exercising is important to remain active, energetic, and maintain overall health. The 3 follow-along videos will guide the users with the exercise regime that should be followed with the program. The exercises can be followed at one’s own pace and stamina level.
  • 10-Day Meal Plan E-Book: The digital version includes many mouth-watering recipes of fat-burning dishes that can be easily prepared in 10 minutes.
  • Fast Meal Preps Video: The video is extremely helpful for novice cookers. Danette May provides easy to follow instructions for preparing delicious fat-burning meals.

Advantages of following the Flat Belly Fast Program:

By following the program, users will finally have:

  • The sexy, bikini physique that they always longed for
  • A flat belly
  • Improved energy
  • More strength
  • More confidence
  • More time due to short workouts

With Flat Belly Fast program, there is no need to:

  • Join an expensive gym
  • Invest in expensive workout equipments
  • Hire a personal trainer to reach the desired weight goal
  • Take diet pills that do more harm than good
  • Prepare complex, diet dishes
  • Be food deprived by not eating favorite foods

Disadvantages of the program:

There are absolutely no side effects of following the program. The only drawback of Flat Belly Fast is that some parts of the program are only available on digital media and the specific videos/documents can only be viewed on mobiles, laptops, and/or tablets.

About Danette May, the maker of Flat Belly Fast:

Danette May is a leading fitness expert and the star of several best-selling programs aimed to help viewers lose weight. The personal goal of the certified nutrition is to help weight conscious individuals live a healthier lifestyle through tools, knowledge, and inspiration.

Her official website is www.danettemay.com. She can also be emailed for further queries at support@danettemay.com

Pricing and Guarantee:

Surprisingly, Flat Belly Fast is absolutely free. The interested buyers are only required to pay small shipping and handling fees (about $5.95 in USA) and receive the e-book free. The small charge is only one-time transaction and there are no hidden or extra charges after receiving.


The Flat Belly Fast program is one of the best programs to try as it requires a very small investment. It is easy to follow and gaining immense popularity amongst weight conscious women. However, the program is no “magic bullet”. It requires both patience and commitment on the user’s part. Those who wish to see positive results should follow the plan with full commitment. Half-hearted attempts will not show any visible results.

The makers have kept the DVD program 100% free to gain exposure and awareness. Those who are interested should hurry and place their order now as the makers can (and will) start charging later on. And of course, the money saved on purchasing the program can be used for new bikini as those who follow the program will defiantly need on in less than 3 weeks.


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