Fat Killer Review – How Does The Product Work?


Fat Killer is a supplement that has been designed to kill the fat in the body. It especially targets the accumulated fat around the belly area and claims to work faster than any other supplement available in the market.

However, every other supplement in the market makes the same claims. Can this one be any different? Read the complete review here and find out more about the weight loss supplement.

What is Fat Killer?

The attempt to lose weight is a challenging task. Those who have tried dieting through fad diet programs and workout sessions understand that it is very difficult to lose the gained weight and keep it off permanently. Most obese or overweight individuals would give anything to just “kill” the fat in their body and achieve a slim physique.

However, the desired body weight is not achievable by simply following a fad diet plan and workout program. For a slim and a healthy physique, one has to take extra steps and incorporate a weight-loss supplement in their routine to enhance the weight loss process.

The markets are full of weight-loss products and the supplement under review is another product making the same claims. Named as the “Fat Killer”, the supplement is manufactured in the USA but made in the UK. Formulated with some well-known weight-losing ingredients, the Fat Killer works to increase the metabolism in the body which results in accelerated weight loss. It has also been touted to be three times faster than any other sliming pill in the market and targets the “problematic” or weight prone areas more effectively.   The supplement can be used by both – men and women, regardless of their body type and age.

What are the ingredients used in Fat Killer?

The complete list of ingredients used in Fat Killer is listed on the back label of the product. The makers do, however, list the following ingredients on its official website as the primary components of Fat Killer.

  • Garcinia Cambogia: Used in almost all weight-loss supplements, the extracts of Garcinia Cambogia contains Hydroxycitric Acid which is responsible for suppressing appetite and improving mood.
  • Green Tea: The ingredient contains caffeine and polyphenols which help increase energy and fat-burning metabolism.
  • Green Coffee: The antioxidant helps to burn fat faster and enhances the blood flow in the body.
  • African Mango: Also referred to as Irvingia, the African Mango is a fruit with medicinal properties and used to treat sugar and cholesterol problems. The ingredient also accelerates the weight loss process and helps users lose 5-10 pounds a month.

Are there any side effects of using Fat Killer?

Although, the makers claim that all the ingredients used in the product are natural, safe, and healthy – a quick Google search revealed that those who have used the supplement before have complained about minor side effects. These include nausea, anxiety, sleep disorders, palpitations, and an increase in blood pressure.

The product does, however; help them lose a significant amount of weight. This is why interested users should take cautions and seek advice from their doctor before integrating the capsule in their regular diet.

Fat Killer Price – A major drawback!

Potential consumers will always look at the price of the product before making a purchase. The price of Fat Killer is the company’s major disadvantage. The total cost of Fat Killer is approximate $100, after adding shipping and handling which is certainly not affordable for most dieters.

Most consumers don’t prefer to lose weight in such an expensive way and say that it would be better to eat less than investing in such an over-priced supplement.

Lack of scientific research!

Unlike other supplements available in the market, the Fat Killer’s effectiveness is NOT supported by any clinical study. The lack of proven research and testing signifies that the product may not be as reliable as claimed by the makers and those who are interested in purchasing the Fat Killer should consider every aspect before investing their money.

Dosage recommendation:

The accurate dosage of the supplement is mentioned on the bottle of Fat Killer but just like other supplement that comes in 60-bottle packs, it seems that this one should also be taken twice daily. A moderate exercise routine and a healthy diet plan should be followed along with the consumption of the supplement.

Is the supplement safe for everyone?

The supplement can be used by all over-weight individuals who are aiming to lose a great amount of weight in short time. Nevertheless, it should not be used by individuals under the age of 18, pregnant and lactating mothers, and those who are suffering from a medical condition or taking prescription medication.

As mentioned before, the reliability of the supplement is not definite and those who are interested in the product should seek medical advice before consuming. The supplement should not be used with any other weight-loss supplement too as it can cause negative effects.

The final verdict:

Excess weight contains hidden diseases and those who are overweight should act fast to bring their weight down and lead an optimal life. However, it is not wise to follow any weight loss fad or start consuming every other diet pill in hope that it will help them shed weight. One should be very careful when selecting a diet plan or product to avoid any harmful circumstances. Since most diet plans and supplements are not backed by any scientific research, it is advisable to stay away from them.

The same goes for Fat Killer. The lack of accurate scientific research and the high cost certainly signifies the unreliability of the product. Apart from before and after images on the official website, there seems to be no further information about its effectiveness.

On the other hand, the supplement does contain natural and proven ingredients. Although they are present in every other supplement, they DO work as claimed.

To sum it up, there are some good and some bad points to consider about Fat Killer. Those who are interested should take careful consideration before deciding if Fat Killer is right for them or not.


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