Diet Revolution Review: How Is It A Good Guide to Lose Weight?


If one thinks that a high weight digit is only a personal problem then he is probably mistaken. It is a collective problem. In fact, it is becoming an epidemic that comes in the company of several other health issues. Not to forget, the overweight size can be a serious glitch in one’s confidence. It leaves one embarrassed, uncomfortable, and feeling that he or she is not looking his best when in company. A parallel issue is the difficulty in shedding one’s weight. Natural solutions work best though and one such is the Diet Revolution.

This is a weight loss guide that emphasizes on a superfood to get rid of the soaring weight digits. Fat can be onerous to melt but the burning is best initiated whenever it is internal. This program is comprehensive and developed by a professional. It explains that fat burning initiated internally is best and also explains how it can be done so. The tips and tricks mentioned in the book are all natural and based on natural ingredients and superfoods. Therefore, there is no need to worry about side effects or hidden harms too.

Diet Revolution Review

The Diet Revolution is a comprehensive guide. It focuses on weight loss in a natural and efficient manner. The mechanism adopted orbits around minimal exercise and no major changes in ones eating plans. A person would not have to cut back on eating. Rather, some healthy alterations would be made.

The plan is carefully crafted by an independent researcher named Shannon Rose. She is both well experienced and well educated in her field. This makes the book more worthwhile. The central focus is on the reaping the power of superfood for losing weight.

The three strong features of this book are that it is vegan-friendly, fast at achieving its objectives, and natural in its ways. It is also comprehensive such that it covers all matters in depth.

Therefore, this product is packed with natural ways to shed weight, recipes that are easy to make, and quick weight loss. That said, it is planned by a professional as well. And there are no hidden harms in such a natural way of losing weight.

The Person Behind the Book

The Diet Revolution is penned by an expert. This is a key factor while selecting any product, as only a good brain can produce something useful and helpful. Shannon Rose is the mind behind this guidebook.

She is a professional in the field and knows extensively about weight loss, optimal metabolism, and fat melting. Shannon is an independent researcher on weight loss, a yoga and exercise coach, and a bestselling author.

Not only this, Shannon Rose is also the creator of the Diet Revolution Program. She has been researching on her subject for about 14 years. She has gained immense research on weight gain, effectively burning body fat, and shedding the extra pounds without excessive exercise.

Therefore, it can be said that the person behind this guide is experienced and fully well-versed in her field. She has dedicated her life to helping numerous people to reduce weight and get a trimmed and toned body.

Central Way of Losing Weight

The crucial way of attaining an ideal way as mentioned in the Diet Revolution is by making alterations in one’s diet plan. The plan is not based on excessive heavy workouts that gift one fatigue.

It also does not require one to stop eating altogether or plan occasional breaks from eating. This poses its own harms too. One such is weakness in the body. The book, therefore, focuses on superfoods to shed the extra pounds.

The key point is only a single superfood that the body needs to initiate natural weight loss internally in the body. It is critical to consume the superfood otherwise the body just keeps overeating and even eating wrong foods, which commences the unbreakable cycle of overeating and food cravings.

It is based on 30 recipes that are neither boring nor difficult to make. These exhibit the characteristics of easy to make, variety, and good taste.

The target set is the elimination of 15 pounds in the time frame of 15 days only.

3 Working Principles

Diet revolution has a foundation of three basic principles for losing weight. These are:

1.Nourishing the body

This means that one eats proper food. It also equates to a big no to the good items from the local supermarket and junk food. This is essential so that the body cut out of eating unhealthy food that does not provide it with the required nutrients.

  1. Mental side of the weight loss

This is important as the subconscious should be trained to lose weight.

  1. Willpower

This principle is included so that a person does not lose track of the path chosen for fat loss and end up gaining more weight than losing it. But it has all to be turn naturally rather than forcing oneself.

Benefits and Sections of the Book

  • Simple instructions
  • Explains each thing step by step
  • Easy to use

The first part of the book deals with why it is so difficult to lose weight. It also discusses how and why most of the weight loss programs are failures and about the calorie myth. The next part of the book talks about the author’s low carb diet plan.

The section following this one is based on the conspiracies cracked by the food and pharmaceutical industry that are keeping making one overweight. Then, the section details on the true cause of obesity and about a superfood in the grocery store to nourish one’s body. This will also help to melt fat too.

In part 2 of this book, the author provides an entire plan weight loss system to shed weight loss. This also includes about detoxifying toxins in the body.


The Diet Revolution by Shannon Rose is a clearly written and comprehensive guide on shedding weight. It is based on a natural weight reduction program and shows no side effects.


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