Diatomaceous Earth Review – Is It Safe For Humans?

Diatomaceous Earth Review

Diatomaceous Earth refers to an abrasive product that has been used in the food process and cleaning industry for many years. However, recently a number of people have claimed that the consumption of diatomaceous earth or DE can be beneficial for one’s health. A few studies have also confirmed the theory.

Read on to find out how legitimate the findings are.

Safe vs. Unsafe Diatomaceous Earth:

Diatomaceous Earth is divided into two categories – salt water and fresh water DE. The salt water based DE is mainly used in the manufacturing industries and is not fit for human consumption. It is used as a natural pesticide as well as applied on pets to get rid of flees and lice.

On the other hand, the fresh water based DE is used in the agricultural industry where it is responsible for purifying water and also in the production of beer, wine, and other beverages. The fresh water based DE also works as an internal cleansing agent and provides multiple health benefits to human, animals, and plants. According to several research studies, the fresh water based DE can be used by humans to prevent various illnesses and diseases.

Health Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth:

DE provides users with numerous health benefits including:


Diatomaceous Earth is loaded with silica. For those who are not aware, silica is the most common element on earth as well as the most abundant compound in the earth’s crust. It is an important mineral that is required by mostly all parts of the body.

Unfortunately, once upon a time, it was found in excess amount in foods until modern farming practice took over. Now only 1/3 of the silica that is required by humans can be found in plant based foods.

Better Skin:

The abrasive quality of DE helps improve skin texture and tone. Known as a potent beauty mineral, the diatomaceous earth works as an exfoliator to remove dead skin from the surface to improve appearance.

The diatomaceous earth also makes nails and teeth health. Studies also point that it can have anti-aging properties and delay the onset of premature aging.

Better Heart Health:

Research has also shown that DE improves cardiovascular health by balancing cholesterol levels. According to studies, the diatomaceous earth is filled with several nutrients like magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, and other minerals that help improve the user’s health. These play a positive role in improving the user’s overall health.

Improved Digestion:

When viewed under a microscope, the DE has several sharp edges. Researcher claim that these sharp edges (not to sharp to scratch) work as an internal cleanser to remove toxins and other harmful organisms from the digestive tracts. Within a few weeks, most users have reported better digestion and regular bowel movements.

Improved Bone, Joint, And Other Ligaments:

The silica content found in DE is known to help repair and strengthen weak and brittle bones and teeth. It also appears that diatomacerou earth plays an important role in improving bone density, bone metabolism, and joint formation. It can also be used as an effective integration to any osteoporosis diet and treatment plan.

Works as a Powerful Insecticide:

The DE can be placed anywhere in the home to get rid of insects, pest, and fleas. The Pest Control Technology also approves of using silica gels in home as a mode of safe and natural pest control.

To sum it up, Diatomaceous earth is safe for human consumption as well as animals and plants. It can be used both inside and outside the body. The DE has been termed as “Generally Recognized as Safe” by the FDA which means that it can be legally used in foods, beverages, and supplements.

Thus, it is used widely in:

  • Pest control
  • Cosmetic products
  • Flee killing products
  • Toothpastes
  • Food and drink products
  • Water filters
  • Supplements
  • And many other products and industries

Are There Any Side Effects Of Using Diatomaceous Earth?

Studies have shown that small amounts of DE are already present in body tissues as well as urine. It is well-tolerated and if used as directed, it will cause no adverse effects. Users who have used DE in supplements have also not made any complaints about side effects.

Where is it available?

The diatomaceous earth is available in many forms. It can be purchased in powdered form that is safe for human consumption and micronized form that is used as an insecticide or pesticide. For water filtration, a heat treated diatomaceous earth is available.

The food grade DE can be purchased from the Diatomaceous Earth website, health stores, and online shops.

How to Take the DE?

The Diatomaceous earth is tasteless and has a gritty texture. Although, it doesn’t dissolve – users can mix it in water, juice, yogurt, and smoothie. It is recommended to start with one teaspoon of DE a day and gradually increase the dosage if tolerated. It is also important to drink plenty of water along with the consumption of diatomaceous earth to stay hydrated and enhance its benefits.

The Final Verdict:

Although, some studies have reported the efficiency of diatomaceous earth, not many are there to support the fact. Of course, those that are available sound good and makes diatomaceous earth sound like a reliable and effective product for the betterment of health and skin. Something that should be given a try, if the textured taste can be tolerated.

It is one of the few products that can claim to help users:

  • Improve digestion system
  • Improve hair, nails, and skin
  • Increase energy levels
  • Fight off any potential diseases and illnesses
  • Improve detoxification
  • Improve joint and bone health
  • Make their home clean from insects and pests
  • Free their animals and plants from flees and other insects

Since there are no side effects, users can utilize diatomaceous earth for any health reason and feel the difference.

Additionally, many studies are underway and it is believed that within just a few years, they will emerge to approve the efficiency of Diatomaceous Earth and its health benefits.



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