Curve Ball Effect Total Body Review



The Curve Ball Effect Total Body is a body sculpting program created by Dr. Katie and Bryan Harney. The program is beneficial for both – men and women who are over the age of 30 years. By following the unique approach mentioned in the program, users can lose a good amount of weight in minimal time.

Read on to find out how it works.

What is Curve Ball Effect Total Body?

Losing weigh in the most problematic area of the body is hard. Especially the stomach, thighs, butts, and arms are more vulnerable to accumulated fat. Regardless of the amount of exercise one does and takes cautions in their diet, the fat literally sticks to these areas, not willing to budge.

A recent theory established that these stubborn layers of fat are more common in women than men. This is mainly due to the “hidden genetic switch” that forces fat to remain stored in the body. According to experts, the “hidden genetic switch” is five times stronger in women than men which is why females are suffering more from obesity issues.

Luckily, a program has been developed for women that aims to turn “off” the “hidden genetic switch”. Known as the “Curve Ball Effect” or the master switch, the program eliminates the requirements of starving diets and body aching, rigorous workout routines.

The maker of the program also claims that by working TOO hard in the gym and adapting a diet plan, weight loss process slows down gradually resulting in NIL outcome. She believes that the key to losing weight successfully is to incorporate the whole body in one workout routine.

The “Curve Ball Effect” is a simple program that consists of easy workouts and lifestyle changes that are easy to adapt. The program doesn’t require any expensive gym membership, equipment, meal plans, and/or starvation diets. By following the program for 14 days straight, users can expect successful and desired results.

Furthermore, the maker claims that there are four body triggers that one should completely avoid if they wish to see a body transformation from being fat and flabby to slim and tight toned. These triggers are:

  • A workout routine
  • Isolation weight training methods
  • Extensive cardio workouts
  • Targeted weight loss or spot reduction

However, by following the methods mentioned in the program, users can achieve successful results by improving their levels of motivation, metabolism, and energy. The easy and fun routines can be performed anytime, anywhere and are guaranteed to give results that one wants in less than 48 hours.

How does the program work?

The program switches OFF the fat storing switch in just three steps:

Step 1: The Total Body Movements triggers the stubborn fat cells in the body to initiate the fat melting process.

Step 2: The Curve Ball Effect Body is turned On which forces the body to tighten and tone, showing better results with each passing week.

Step 3: The fat burning metabolism is turned on by following the simple routines for only a few minutes each day.

Benefits of the Curve Ball Effect Total Body:

the benefits of following the program include:

  • A fun and exciting program
  • Provides full body workout without any equipment, trainer, and/or gym membership
  • Short exercises that can be completed in only 30 seconds intervals and require less than 20 minutes’ time per day
  • Eliminates the need to go for crash diet plans and strenuous exercise routines
  • Comes in digital format so interested users can start from the time they make the purchase

What’s included in the program?

The Curve Ball Effect by the husband-wife duo, Dr. Kathryn and Bryan consists of easy to follow, instructional videos. The complete program includes:

  • Curve Ball Effect Total Body Follow Along DVD Videos – The detailed coaching videos ensures that each user is able to perform the workout routines at their own convenience and fitness levels. The set of DVD’s contain several exercises that comes with 3 modifications per set so users can customize according to their desire.
  • 14-Day Fat Loss Accelerator Workout Calendar: The Workout Calendar provides complete specification about which workout to do when and how.
  • Curve Ball Effect Exercise Video Library: All the exercises are categorized so users can choose which ever one they prefer or altogether.
  • Expert Fitness Trainer: These fitness trainers are available on one’s own time, anywhere they want. There is no need to set aside allotted time for exercise in one’s busy schedule. These exercises only last a few minutes each day and one can easily adjust them into their hectic life’s timetable.

Bonus program – 14-Day Body Sculpt, Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Guide:

The step-by-step guide comes with easy-to-follow instructions regarding the meal plans that the users should take. They are easy to prepare and comes fully planned with grocery shopping lists as well. The meal plans are tasty and accelerate the weight loss process that one initiates with the Curve Ball Effect Total Body.

Is the program safe for everyone?

The makers highly recommend this program for individuals of all age. Although, the program is easy to follow, the makers strongly advise that users follow each method as stated to experience the result they wanted. They further state that users follow the program at their own individual pace and adjust exercises according to the modifications provided in the program for an easy weight loss-journey.

Price and guarantee:

The program is available in digital format and instantly becomes available after the payment process is completed so users don’t have to wait for any shipment to arrive. The regular price of the program is $60 but the manufacturers offer various discounts from time to time which lowers the price to as low as $19.

The makers also offer a 60-day money back guarantee which the users can avail (within the state time frame) if they are not satisfied with the program for any reason.


The program by Dr. Katheryn, a fitness expert is highly recommendable and is worth a shot. The guidelines mentioned in the program are certainly unique. Above all, the program limits the users from following any crash diets and exercise programs which defiantly makes Curve Ball Effect Total Body a must-try program.



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