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Complete Metabolism Review

A large number of people often complain about feeling lethargic and unhealthy. The layers of fat keep packing on, no matter how much they work out or eat right. This is primarily because they don’t know what is wrong with their bodies and continue to put it through strain. This is a common and a futile practice. In the quest to look good and attractive people follow all the fad diets and sign up for different fitness programs. Instead of understanding their bodies they blindly follow the fashion. In most cases people are un-aware of their metabolic condition. Metabolism is the process that releases the energy from food.

Also it is very important to know that at the heart of losing weight is a tiny gland. This gland in known as the thyroid. It is located at the front neck. It uses iodine to make the T3 and T4 hormones through a chemical reaction. The T3 and T4 are responsible of carrying the energy to different parts of the body through blood. An efficient thyroid means an efficient metabolism. A lot of this energy is consumed by the brain to function. When these two are working to their max, the body gets all of its energy and the working is at its optimum.

Complete Metabolism is a medicine (tablets) which is the brain child of Pastor Adam. He is the founder of Holy Land Health. The focus of this company is to heal people using natural ingredients. Most of the healing agents or references made in the Holy Bible are used to treat people suffering from chronic diseases. For this specific medicine the ingredients come from three holy seas, namely the Red Sea, the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilei.

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These seas are used in the mentioning of Jesus and Moses. The Complete Metabolism is a combination of seven ingredients, which come from these seas. Two of the ingredients are plans while five are the minerals. The plant of Kelp and the Bladder wrack weed are famous for the high amount of iodine that they carry. Apart from these two there are other five healing minerals. These are zinc, magnesium, copper, selenium and manganese. All of them are the heroes to battle fatigue, brain fog and lethargy.

How Does It Work?

The procedure or science this tablet follow is very easy. It follows a simple three step based approach, often referred as the CAR method. The first step is to create thyroid hormone. Creating thyroid hormone is based on the amount of iodine intake. Most rich sources of the iodine come from sea. In fact sea salt is known to be the richest and the best source of iodine. Then comes the second phase, activation of thyroid hormone. The thyroid hormones are easily activated by the minerals selenium, Magnesium and Zinc.

Final step of this method is the release of this thyroid hormone. Release occurs when these hormones are efficiently distributed in the blood stream to reach all organs and muscles. Copper and manganese are responsible to ensure the proper release of these hormones. The first alphabet of each stage is combined to form the term CAR method. The complete metabolism is the perfect balance of these natural ingredients to help your metabolic process to work its full potential. This helps improve the overall health and cater to issues related to weight.

Quality Promise

The magnanimous customer base of Complete Metabolism speaks volumes of the quality of this product. The best part about these tablets lies in the fact that they are manufactured in the United States. The quality is monitored and ensured. The manufacturing facility is strictly administered for any health hazard.

It is also checked and certified by a third party lab. This ensures an un-biased review of the manufacturing unit. The purchase is supported by a money back guarantee. If after 60 days of using this product, the customer feels dissatisfied they can return the product. Their money will be duly returned by the company without and questions or hassle.



The pricing of these tablets is very reasonable as compared to the benefits and advantages they have. Normally one bottle will cost about $ 149. This price is still very less as compared to the money spent on a plethora of supplements and the gym memberships paid out.Visiting their website can often lead to further discount. The discounted price is just $69.

That is a whooping difference of about $80. The cherry on the cake is that their website also offers a free shipment. This saves another 11 to 12 dollars. Getting a happy and a healthy life is just a click away. The stock for these tablets is sold almost as soon as it arrives. So make sure to order it ASAP.


Complete Metabolism comes in a beautiful bottle packaging. The packaging and the material conforms to the administered laws of health. The top is sealed and each bottle contains 60 tablets. These are meant to be taken twice a day. This makes each bottle last one month. This time is enough to show the results in the improvement of health and agility indaily life. So the customer can decided if they want to continue with the product. In most cases people make repeat purchases. Once the trust is built, more than one package can be ordered, according to the need.

Bottom Line

The bottom line of this review is that complete metabolism is honestly the holy grail of improving your metabolism. When metabolism is enhanced and activated it caters to a lot of other issues also, as mentioned earlier. These miracle tablets consist of ingredients that are most natural and significant. Instead of wasting the money on a number of different medicines to lose weight, try these tablets. Their effectiveness is instantly visible.

Why go through the pain of wasting money every month for little or no affect? Purchasing these tablets is a wiser way to decrease the monthly visit to doctors and spending money on tons of supplement. This investment in Complete Metabolism supplement is worth making.



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