CogniDHA Review: How the Formula Effectively Improves the Brain Functioning?


Sometime ago, watching the brain functioning of the central hero improve overtime was the highlight of a good sci-fi movie or novel. The world and science has advanced enough to actually enhance the brain functioning and it is no longer a thing of fiction. One would totally want to avail such a beneficial opportunity but the drugs are never free from harmful chemicals that show severe side effects. Since the brain, as the central processing unit of the body is an important organ of the body and such risks cannot be taken, there is always a natural solution to the problem in the form of brain supplements. One healthy and effective brain supplement is the CogniDHA.

This is a health supplement that aims at improving the brain function. The brain is a complicated organ that typically functions poor as a person ages or faces conditions of stress and pressure. The latter conditions can impact a person at any age. A natural solution is, therefore, the right answer. This supplement, in particular has natural ingredients such as omega 3 that do not harm the brain and body in any way. It only shows the positive results that it promises.

What is this Product?

CogniDHA is a health supplement based on omega 3. Omega 3 has been scientifically proven and time-tested in improving the brain functioning. Not only does the omega 3 improve brain function but it also supports the joint health, promoting greater flexibility and strength.

The best possible natural source of omega 3 is fish oil, this supplement is packed with exactly this nutrient to improve the cognitive health. Moreover, it pairs this key ingredient with turmeric for better results.

Turmeric is as healthy ingredient with no side effects at all. In fact, it shows multiple health benefits and in combination with fish oil as a source of omega 3, the formula is able to improve the mood, memory, and mental capabilities of a person.

The formula is fully studied with research and deep studies. Both the major ingredients, turmeric and fish oil are known for showing various health benefits. Resultantly, the formula is free from any side effects. It is potent to show positive results of improved overall health well-being, enhanced cognitive functioning, and better mood.

The Formula of the Product

CogniDHA is based on a natural composition that equates to no hidden harms and side effects in both the short and long run. Fish oil is used as a source of omega 3 and curcumin in the turmeric has been used for centuries for boosting good health and healing internal body damage.

The ingredients are derived with a pure method which makes the oil more bioavailable. No chemicals, harmful compounds, synthetics, or any impurities are added in the composition of the supplement. It is also ensured that the oil extraction process is such that it does not add any chemicals to the final product.

The formula is optimized for high DHA, as the name of the supplement, CogniDHA, suggests. DHA is known for improving brain development and cognition along with preventing cognitive decline as a person moves up the age ladder.

Additionally, the formula also contains triglycerides that help better absorption of the product in the body so that it is better utilized and its advantages can actually be reaped. Bioperine is also another addition in the formula that is patented and makes the formula better available.

Manufacturer of the Product

It is always essential to know of the manufacturer of a supplement because without this vital information, it is impossible to trust the product itself and not consider it a scam. The CogniDHA is a product that comes from reliable producers that go by the name of Tranquility Labs. The company is dedicated to manufacturing natural products and supplements that are able to optimize the health of a person.

The Need for this Product

CogniDHA can be used by anyone and everyone who want to improve the overall health and wellbeing. The supplement with its natural formula is specifically dedicated to improving the brain functioning, bettering the mood, and enhancing the memory so that a person is not embarrassed by constantly forgetting where he put the keys or other substantial but important facts.

The supplement is fully natural, which means no side effects and its formula is such that it’s bioavailable that allows for better absorption.

Benefits of the Product

There are several merits of using the CogniDHA some of these are mentioned below:

  • A completely natural formula that is based on natural ingredient
  • No side effects or hidden harms in the short or long run
  • Based on omega 3 and turmeric that are scientifically proven for showing numerous health effects
  • Made after thorough research and extensive study
  • Fully potent formula
  • Improves brain functioning and memory
  • Alleviates bad moods
  • No chemicals or harmful synthetic compounds


The price of CogniDHA is an affordable one. It is available for purchase on the original website of the product and is present for $34.95. Additionally, there is an autoship program with the company that automatically ships the supplement bottle to a person’s home every month. This is more beneficial, as it makes the price more economical by taking it down to $28.95 per order plus the shipping and handling charges.

The product comes with a 15-days money back guarantee that allows a person to return the supplement if he is not satisfied with the results within a fortnight. The refund will get the hard earned dollars back without a question.


The CogniDHA is an effective supplement that improves the brain and cognitive functioning along with enhancing the memory of a person and bettering his mood. It comes at an affordable price so that all and sundry can reap the benefits of the product. Moreover, the formula is based on natural ingredients such as fish oil for omega 3 and turmeric. The natural ingredients guarantees that the product is free from any unwanted side effects and shows efficient results.



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