CogniDefender Review – Enhance Mind IQ With This

CogniDefender Review

Mental or brain health is of utmost importance for any human being. It is well known to be the central processing unit for the whole body. Any weakness or illness in the brain can cause a very serious problem in one’s life. Treating the problem through medicine or surgery requires a lot of precision and quality. A single act of negligence can waste the body and consequently the whole life. Great care and research is required when choosing the right consultant or prescription. Apart from any illness, the mental health must be constantly monitored. Proper diet and dietary supplements must be taken regularly to increase its strength and ability

CogniDefender is one such amazing supplement. It not only corrects deficiencies, but also ensures a healthy functioning of the brain. It is not just a regular supplement making tall claims. These tablets are referred as the “miracle tablets” by people who have used and benefited from them. They stand out amongst all the competitive drugs on their quality and reliability. There are many supplements in the market claiming to restore mental health and brain efficiency. Instead of taking a number of different tablets, make life easy by investing in these proven tablets. These tablets have no negative effects on the body or brain.  They bring focus and clarity back in life without any side effects. Let’s find out how exactly they do it.

Composition of the Tablets

The wonder of these tablets lies is just four basic ingredients. These are known as nootropics. Nootropics are not the regular supplements. They are scientifically developed by scientists to cater to the brain issues. These are much more than simple vitamins and minerals. Nootropics have said to be developed by a secret team of Russian scientists to unravel the rest of 90% of the brain. These are colloquially known as the “smart drugs”. The four nootropics used by cognidefender are Piracetam, Noopept, Choline and L-Theanine.

Piracetam improves the memory, focus and clarity of the brain. In simpler words it makes the mind less foggy. It also increases the production of dopamine, which controls the mood. Noopept is 1000 times more powerful than piracetam. It increase the brain activity to keep one more agile and active. It also helps improve the memory and recall function of the brain. Choline is a micro nutrient researched to be very effective and efficient for the communication between the neurons and skeletal muscles. L-Theanine is known to regulate the proteins which can prevent from Alzheimer’s. All these ingredients have been proven their worth through proper research and studies conducted by reputed medical institutes.

Most of the brain improving drugs consist of the regular vitamins and minerals to support the brain function. But CogniDefender is composed of these scientifically develop hard core brain support ingredients. These are known to improve the cognitive learning and evoking power. They also calm and relax the nerves, without causing drowsiness.

All of these ingredients when combined together give the perfect balance and dose to ensure a healthy and active brain.

Quality Assurance and Money Back Guarantee

The quality of cognidefender is guaranteed. The other nootropics that you will purchase online, will arrive at your home in the form of a white powder. There is no guarantee of anything that is inside that powder or its side effects. The tag also says “Made in China”. This makes the reliability a little questionable. Apart from this it’s a hassle to measure and calculate how much to consume and how. Whereas these tablets are manufactured in America, conforming to the health standards as approved by FDA.

The facility they are manufactured in, is also checked and permitted by FDA standards. So the consumers can be rest assured about the safety of what they are eating. Another feature that speaks volumes about the quality of these tablets is that they come with a money back guarantee. If for some reason the customer feels that these tablets are not effecting him to improve his condition, he can get his money back. No strings attached. He can also keep the bottle and get a return of his money.

Packaging and Dosage

CogniDefender comes in the form of tablets or pills. They are seal packed in a plastic container which complies with the health and safety standards. One bottle contains exactly 60 pills inside it. The required dosage or prescription is to take two tablets per day. This means that the one bottle you purchase will last you a month. This makes it very easy for the buyers to purchase a single month’s course (one bottle) and see the effectiveness. When the result is evident and the reliability factor is established then the next purchases can follow.


When it comes to health, quality and reliability need to be more important than the price. But it is a known fact that you can only spend so much that your pocket allows. The great thing about these pills is that it gives you quality and reliability in a comparatively reasonable price. You can order it online from their website and get it for $69 only. The other powdery nootropics that you will order separately online will cost you much more accumulatively. So act wisely and go for these tablets for quality at a reasonable price.


To put everything in a nutshell, CogniDefender is an excellent drug for brain. It not only cures diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia but is an ideal supplement for the overall health of the brain. It is much more safe and reliable as compared to the other contemporary drugs. It is also fairly reasonable in terms of price amongst the different drug brands available in the market. Easy to order and easy to take, it is a magic pill to increase your daily life. It is highly recommended for people who suffer from any kind of mental illness or weakness. For normal people not suffering for any mental disease, they must take these tablet to continue to have a good life with increased mental capacity. So, do away with all the forgetfulness with these little pills.


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