CLA Extract Diet Review – Can It Really Help in Losing Weight?

CLA Extract Diet Review

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is derived from dairy and beef products. Part of the group of chemicals found in the fatty linoleic acid, the CLA is commonly used for the prevention of cancer and for the proper management of weight and cholesterol. Read below to find out more about the antioxidant that is believed to have fat-blasting properties.

Health Benefits of CLA:

Various researches have shown that CLA Extract Diet is vital for optimal health and physical condition. Some of the benefits that one can expect from the consumption of CLA include:

Weight Loss:

CLA seems to be an extremely effective remedy against obesity. It helps reduce the fat in the body by using it as a source of energy. According to a study carried out by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, individuals who use 3.2 Gms of CLA per day showed a fat reduction of 0.2 pounds per week.

Cancer Prevention:

Studies conducted on animals showed that 0.5 percent of CLA per day can reduce the occurrence of tumors by over 50 percent. The types of cancer that it is most effective for include:

  • Stomach
  • Breast
  • Lung
  • Skin
  • Colorectal

It is believed that the anti-cancer affect is a result of body’s enhanced ability to absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A and D as well as through the proper controlling of production and growth of new cells. The consumption of CLA also affects prostaglandins which are chemicals that are responsible for regulating cellular function.

Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Disease:

Since CLA uses the fat in the body as a source of energy, it is said that the regular intake of CLA reduces the risk of heart disease, strokes, and high blood pressure. The powerful antioxidant also helps reduce the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body.

According to a research carried out by Pennington Biomedical Research Center, CLA prevents the accumulation of plaque and lipids in the arteries that are the prime culprits of cardiovascular issues.


Asthma occurs as a result of the inflammation in the airways that causes it to become narrow making it difficult for air to pass through. CLA helps reduce these inflammations without harming the artery system with its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Lower Insulin Resistance:

CLA has been shown to improve insulin reaction in the body by reducing the glucose levels found in the bloodstream which helps prevent diabetes and regulates sugar levels in the body.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, the CLA also enhances the immune system, reduces the risk of food induced allergic reactions, and maintains the symptoms associated with osteoporosis.

Are there any side effects of using CLA?

Since CLA is taken in supplement form, it is important to consult a doctor before consuming especially those who are pregnant, nursing, or suffering from a serious medical condition and/or taking prescription medication.

Although its benefits are many, there are some mild side effects that have been reported after taking CLA. These include:

  • Upset stomach – Discomfort, nausea, and diarrhea are often experienced after taking the initial doses of CLA. This can also lead to a temporary loss of appetite, bloating, or cramping. It is important to contact a doctor if these symptoms persists especially those individuals who are experiencing recurrent episodes of diarrhea and are at risk of dehydration.
  • Fatigue – Following the initial treatment of CLA, many users repeat feeling weak, fatigued, and drowsy. They may have difficulty staying awake which might interfere in their daily activities. It is also reported that during the first few days of taking CLA, most individuals had the urge to sleep for longer periods of time than usual to remain fresh.

Although, most of these side effects are mild and temporary – they should not be taken lightly. If any of the above mentioned symptoms persist and become aggravated, it is advisable to seek help from a professional doctor.

Dietary sources of CLA:

CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acids and it is said to be found in high concentration in kangaroo meat. It is also found in beef and dairy products. However, studies show that grass-fed animals can produce 300 – 500% more CLA than those that are fed on usual grains and hay.

Eggs and mushrooms are also considered to be rich source of CLA as well as goat and lamb meat.

Dietary Recommendations for CLA:

Specific dietary recommendations for CLA have yet not been established but most studies have concluded that a person needs to take 3.4 Gms of CLA per day to receive the maximum benefits. However, these vary greatly on dietary patterns and the individual’s current medical condition.

Other sources of CLA:

CLA is present in a number of commonly consumed foods but it is present in limited levels making it difficult for users to get all the benefits. It has also been researched that food that are rich in CLA contain high levels of saturated fats or the bad fats that can be harmful for the body. That’s where dietary supplements and capsules come in.

These supplements are readily available at pharmacies, online vendors, and over the counter as well. By taking a high quality supplement daily, interested users can meet the body requirements of CLA to achieve their health and body goals. However, it is important to ensure that the supplement that is consumed is manufactured by a reputable company and includes the proper levels of CLA for optimal health benefits.


CLA Extract or the Conjugated Linoleic Acid is an anti-oxidant, anti-catabolite, and an anti-carcinogen. It is also a powerful immune booster and a promising solution to the problem that most Americans are facing nowadays – obesity.

If taken in moderate levels, users can get relief from several health concerns and live a healthy life with an attractive physique. Give it a try but make sure to take advice from a doctor and get regular blood tests to monitor liver function to make sure that the supplements are causing no harm.


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