Blood Pressure Decreaser – Is It a Good Book on Controlling Blood Pressure?


Blood Pressure Decreaser is an e-Book on controlling fluctuating blood pressure. It is comprised of all the important articles and information on maintaining a steady blood pressure. All the tricks mentioned have been written by the author, Micheal Andrews only after he had a long, informative conversation with a health expert where he picked his brain for all the essential ways to control soaring blood pressure. The choice of following the book lies utterly in the hands of a user.

What is the Blood Pressure Decreaser?

Put simply it is a digital compilation of all the significant information concerning the control of blood pressure. This health issue is a serious concern for a large number of people. In several cases, it is also fatal, which means that proper preventative and curative measures are essential.

The person behind this digital book claims that he has written everything in the book after a clear chat with a health expert who is very knowledgeable in his field. Thus, it can be said that whatever information has been put down in this book is a product of a health expert, however, not directly. The information comes to the readers indirectly via an intermediary.

The book is packed with the essential care tips and tricks that a person should pursue to maintain an optimal health. It is the information that a person should be aware of for paving ways for a quality lifestyle.

Alarming Statistics of Blood Pressure

A disturbed blood pressure is not something to be taken lightly or swept under the rug. In 2013 alone, this health concern took the lives of 360,000 people. Therefore, care must be taken beforehand, and all the necessary steps should be taken to save oneself from the fatality of the problem.

There are two ways that this silent killer attacks. Firstly, it attacks like a predator such that the victim just kneels and dies on the spot. Such an attack comes without a warning often and just ends a person’s life. Secondly, it stays as a pain in the neck and a person has to keep dealing with it every day with utmost care. All necessary measures of care need to be pursued and one will have to stay away from several activities that could threaten his blood pressure.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that 1 in 3 people in the United States are affected by blood pressure problems. This means that about 75 million in the country are affected by this problem and of these only 40.5 million have the problem in control. All this simple translates into the need for care concerning blood pressure regulation for a number of people.

Content of the Guide

As per the author, Blood Pressure Decreaser is written after consultation with a health expert who has studied the Tsimane tribe in the Amazon Forest. The brain behind this book claims that people of this tribe possess a long life and do not face problems of blood pressure.

The secret lies in compound called Coenzyme Q10 that is available in animal and plant protein sources like fish, chicken, eggs, nuts, and beef. Therefore, this book covers information on this. A highlight of all that is covered includes understanding blood pressure, developing an effective intervention plan, consuming foods that help to lower and maintain a standard blood pressure, and a list of foods that the tribesmen of Tsimane tribe feed on for a healthy and long life. Tips for preventing high blood pressure are also present.

Benefits of the Book

There are a number of good points about this compilation called Blood Pressure Decreaser. This encourages a person to get this book. Some of these are:

Properly organized information:

All the information is put together properly such that the organization is good. There are claims that all the information presented in this guide is taken from the internet and is more of a general information. However, the benefit lies in the fact that it is put together in a good manner.

Good readability:

The organization of the content of this book is good and it is written in a comprehensive manner so that a person can understand whatever he reads. As a result, a person can simply implement it in one’s life and daily routine.


Since the guide is in an eBook format, the delivery of the order does not take time. One can simply place an order and within an instant, the order will be available for downloading. After that, a person will gain access to the content of the book. The digital nature of the book adds to its convenience and one is able to save time on waiting for the delivery to come.

Cons of the Guide

There are certain cons regarding the Blood Pressure Decreaser too. It is essential to highlight them. Some of the major ones include:

No unique information:

Blood pressure is a serious issue; one that can take a person’s life. Therefore, a person should not take it lightly and the information presented should also be authentic. This guide contains information that is not unique, and it consists of all the content that can be sourced back to the internet. So, while it can be read on the internet, why should money be invested into it?

Poor sales copy:

The sales copy of this e-guide is not very impressive. It looks poorly written. As the first impression is the last impression, it is hard to recommend that guide so confidently.


The Blood Pressure Decreaser comes for a price of about 40 dollars. It is not a lot and is an affordable price, however, due to the mixed claims about this product, it is entirely up to the user to invest his month in the book or not.


Blood Pressure Decreaser is an eBook that covers detailed information on the sensitive heath matter of blood pressure. It contains information that has been revealed by a health expert.


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