Biocilium Review – Does It Regrow Your Hair Back?

Biocilium Review

A receding hairline is a serious threat to the confidence of many individuals. Thinning, weakening hair with a poor quality minus healthy looking hair is a pain in the neck. Moreover, it shows signs of a bald future. A future without hair sounds like a future with zero confidence and infinite embarrassment. It is always better to take action and save oneself from crying over spilt milk.

A surprising miracle that helps individuals take measures for a hairy future is Biocilium. It is a wonder packed in a capsule that works on three stages with hair viz; repair, nourish and regrow. The capsule is composed of natural ingredients, so one does not have to fret over any side effects.

Causes of A Receding Hairline

Reasons behind weak, fragile hair and poor hair growth are aplenty. Some of the common causes include stress, side effects of any medication, diseases, pollution, poor diet, substance abuse and much more.

However, the three reasons that stand out from the pool of causes are aging, weak hair follicles and hormonal disbalances. This interrelated trio of causes lead to immense hair trouble and need to be addressed the most to restore hair and have a better and healthier hair growth to curb baldness before it takes its first steps.

What Does Biocilium Do?

The Biocilium Health Support Program is a natural supplement that strengthens hair follicles and nourishes the scalp to promote hair regrowth. It effectively boosts hair growth for a healthier and fuller head of hair.

Using its natural ingredients, the pill promises to effectually increase the thickness and volume of the hair.

Before diving into more details, though, here is a simple explanation of how hair are made to comprehend the working mechanism of Biocilium adequately.

How does the Human Hair Grow?

Hair is made of protein filaments. These protein filaments are birthed in individual cells that are formed in the roots of follicles. Once made, each hair gradually pushes its way out the follicles until it exits the scalp.

This is a slow process and is not limited to just this mechanism. Another thing of significance that needs attention is that this growth mechanism is not constant. Rather is it divided into separate stages. These are:

1- Anagen: the growth phase that lasts from 2 to 6 years.

2- Catagen; the stage between the preceding and the following phases

3- Telogen: the rest phase with a duration of 100 days.

Once this process is paused or stalled altogether, the result is thin hair that eventually falls out, leading to a baldhead.

The serious culprit behind disturbing this hair growth mechanism is a hormonal imbalance that complements aging usually or any other diseases and side effects caused by prescribed medicines. Hormonal imbalance slowly shrinks the hair follicles. This leads to thin hair production until finally hair production ceases.

The Role of Biocilium

Biocilium works at three levels. Firstly, it repairs the damage. It aids in this by the strengthening the shrinking follicles and restoring the scalp by providing both with the nutrients they need for regeneration.

Secondly, Biocilium nourishes the scalp and follicles for improving the hair quality. Lastly, it promotes the regrowth of hair that is healthy and thicker for a fuller head. Overall the Biocilium Hair Health Support works at the cellular level to achieve its goal of enhanced volume and strengthen hair and prevent further breakage and damage.

A minimum of 90 days patience is requested for visible results.

The Composition of the Supplement

Biocilium is made of all clinical prove, natural ingredients that work towards the end of strengthening hair follicles and improving the texture, thickness, and volume of hair. Here is a quick look at the ingredients of the supplement.

Folic Acid

Folic acid targets the cells of hair, nails, skin, and other organs. It aids in proper functioning of each cell and promotes smooth growth and development of tissues. It has been researched to assist in preventing baldness.


The purpose of Silica is to lend a helping hand in transporting nutrients such as aluminum to the peripherals of the body. The peripherals of the body include hair, skin, and nails. In this way, Silica is an essential component that provides vital nourishment to the hair follicles for hair growth and vitality.


Hair is made of keratin that is a type of protein. Proteins are long chains, made of amino acids. Biotin works on this basic level where it helps in the making of the amino acids that contribute to making keratin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the essential nutrients to grow and strengthen hair. It is a vitamin that helps in making collagen that is crucial for hair growth.

Beta Carotene

Beta-carotene is also known as Vitamin A and aids in promoting healthy hair growth to reduce the thinning of hair. Vitamin A helps in the production of healthy sebum. Sebum is an oily secretion of the scalp that prevents the hair from drying up and breaking off.

The Target Audience of the Supplement

The supplement is available for all the people regardless of their gender. Both male and female above the age of 18 can use it.

Dosage of the Supplement

Biocilium is to be taken orally, twice a day. One capsule in the morning, another before bed with an approximately 12 hours of gap between the doses.

Excess of anything is harmful; hence, overdosage should be avoided. Additionally, all dosage must be taken under dermatological supervision.

Side effects of the Capsule

There are no known side effects of the Biocilium supplement as it is made of all the natural, clinical tested ingredients that are essential for the body. Since the pill is to be taken under a doctor’s supervision; any side effects can be instantly noted and looked into.


The only limitation of Biocilium supplement is that it can be ordered only online. For maximum satisfaction, any user can avail the 14 days risk-free trail before final purchase.


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