Bikini Babe Tea Detox Review – Does It Work?


In the hustle-bustle of life adults usually, forget themselves. Especially women. They are so busy in taking care of the whole family, running after kids, looking after the entire house and handling their careers as well. All this; kids and responsibilities, hit them hard. They stop focusing on themselves and spend exhausted days without even giving a thought to their appearance. After all, no mom has the time for that.
Bikini Babe Tea Detox cares for women. It is an easy way a lady can make her life better. She can do something for herself and take out some time to concentrate on her beauty. Because it is important for everyone to look after themselves as well. For a woman, how she looks is important to her. This product ensures that she looks and feels better and hence brings an overall improvement in her life.

What is Bikini Babe Tea Detox and what does it do?

As the name suggests, it is a tea detox product. Taking this tea helps reduce bloating, improve digestion and slim down on weight. When one’s digestion is made better, it means that the person’s body has flushed out toxins. With the body being purified the skin also looks glowing and clearer. In this way, this tea helps regain the beauty that a woman loses one the way to becoming a mom.
But this tea isn’t just for mothers. Sometimes even an unmarried girl loses track of caring for herself because of a busy schedule. Other times, everything is in its place but digestion just doesn’t cooperate, and one’s weight keeps on increasing. This herbal detox tea is for these women too. It’s for all the women in the world.
It just doesn’t work its magic on weight and freshness of the skin, but it also makes one feel less tired or lethargic. It energizes one and makes one feel agile throughout the day. Taking this tea reduces a person’s hunger as well so that one doesn’t crave for food a lot and keep adding unnecessarily to her diet. This is how this detox tea makes one refreshed from the inside out.

How does it work?

Bikini babe tea comes in two packets; one for the day and another one for the night. All one has to do is add a spoonful of the tea detox in a cup of boiling water. One would require a tea strainer as it’s a loose-leaf tea. The magical blend works in two basic steps. These are as follows

The morning boost

This is the first step, in which a woman takes the morning tea when she wakes up. Made of Guarana, Green Tea, Lemon Myrtle and Nettle leaves, the special mixture helps in reducing bloating and appetite while improving digestion and promoting weight loss. A cup in the morning ensures that the rest of the day is well spent. The tea helps one stay active and feel calm throughout the day. If the start of the day is good the rest of the day is too!

The night cleanse

One cup every second night of the night time blend makes certain one sleeps like a baby. While a person sleeps the tea works calmly inside the body to purify it with its combination of senna leaves, dandelion root and licorice root that are known for their cleansing abilities. The formula detoxifies the body when it is at rest so that a person’s health is improved.
In this manner, the toxins that have been stored in the body over the years, are forced out. The antioxidant rich ingredients heal the body completely helping in not one but many ways.

The mind and story behind it

Maria Elena Fadous is the creator of this tea. She’s a regular woman who realized when she had children that she had changed in ways more than one. She was no longer her brave and independent self despite having a loving family and ideal career. She was now a mom and a wife but not herself. When she started feeling like this, she concluded that she had put herself last and this all was the result of that.
She saw so many women doing the same thing to themselves; leading robotic lives after marriage and kids without a moment to spare for themselves. That’s when she came up with this brilliant tea mix. She made it to encourage women to not forget their appearance and looks in the race of the world. Maria created this drink to reverse the toll having children and taking care of them had taken on her and all those beautiful ladies around.
And hence, this herbal tea was born to tell women that they will forever be the babes they once were and should care for themselves.


The tea comes in three collections so one gets to choose and decide which package would suit her needs best. These three are;
• 28 Day Tea Detox – Full Body Cleanse that comes for $67.95 AUD. A healthy eating guide comes as a bonus with this collection.
• 14 Day Teatox Starter Pack that comes for $39.95 AUD.
• 28 Day Transform Together Duo Kits. This one is basically for $40 AUD but is at a special offer right now and is coming for $99.00 AUD.


This product is way better than other detoxification products on the market. Its ingredients are all natural and no chemicals or additives have been used in its production. It teaches women a very important thing. It teaches them to take care of themselves. The tea tastes nice unlike other such teas that are difficult to force down the throat.
It’s an amazing way to kickstart one’s day and sleep better at night. It makes a woman feel energized and fresh plus it helps her cut down on weight too. And there are no side effects. Overall, an incredible product as it helps one in many regards. One’s money won’t go to waste rather it would be fruitful to buy Bikini Babe Tea.


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