BetterHelp Review – Affordable and Effective Online Counseling?


BetterHelp is a website that offers online counseling to people in a package of convenience, effectiveness, and affordability. With so many professional therapists and counselors there to help individuals round the clock, this virtual method of improving one’s mental health by learning how to overcome stress is free of hassle and full of ease.

Many amazing books have earned a name for themselves because of the way they help people reclaim their positivity. But no good book ever told the lie that life is full of rainbows, unicorns, and confetti. Wise people know that life isn’t always kind, in fact, most times it is downright exhausting.

One goes through a multitude of afflictions, some troubles that develop over time and others that attack heartlessly, all of sudden. Problems have a way of feeding on the energy of a person often to the extent that one starts feeling like there is nothing left in him anymore. Constant stress poses a risk not only to a person’s psychology but also to his physical health.

It is essential to halt these ever-spreading branches of blue thoughts and feelings before they take deep roots and cause further damage. Life won’t alter at a person’s demand, so the only way to cope with it is by changing one’s own attitude toward it. There is no harm in admitting that one needs support.

After all, the only way to walk through difficult times unscathed is by having someone by one’s side. The best assistance that a person can get is that from a professional who listens empathetically, doesn’t judge at all, knows what say and how to instill strength. is a place that is filled with therapists and counselors that can truly help a person in his journey.

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BetterHelp is a virtual room where one can talk his feelings out regardless of the time or any fear or discomfort. One has no reason to doubt the services and walk away from the chance to help himself battle his demons and win with this program. Because at the end of the day, it begins with oneself.

BetterHelp Features

Counseling sounds like a scary option to many people. The reasons behind this are as straightforward as they come; most individuals don’t feel like opening up in front of a complete stranger, and they fear that they might be judged for their negative view of the world. With this website though, the deal is different.

One doesn’t have to visit a therapist in person neither does someone come and see them at their house. The idea of going for counseling can be daunting as no one likes to admit that he is in need of emotional support. With BetterHelp the assistance is available online, so there is no need to be afraid of all these things.

In times of despair, the one place many people find solace is online. Talking to a complete stranger on the web seems like a fit option because the mind can cope with things easily when the person isn’t standing directly opposite. Better than pouring one’s heart out to a random person is the option to choose professional aid with BetterHelp.

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Another feature of this is that since it is based on the internet, it is never out of reach. Feelings of chaos and disturbance can strike at any time, but the one can only have a meeting with the therapist across the street on scheduled days and timings. BetterHelp makes things easier by being open to helping the individual at all hours of the day.

What makes the worth the trust?

They say one mustn’t trust every service they see on the internet. There are many scammers, and hackers present online as well. A person must do all his homework before going for anything not just out there in the real world but also on the web network. In the case of an online counseling and therapy service, what deems it fit enough that a person can depend on it without any doubts?

What proves that this service wouldn’t use an individual’s personal information against him? Like this, there are all sorts of questions that can rise to the surface of the mind. And they should. One shouldn’t just trust a website just because it claims it is worthy of it. BetterHelp though is set on a solid foundation that shows that it is dependable.

The praises of its excellent online services of counseling have made their way to the several well-known media outlets such as the American Psychological Association, The Atlantic, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Psychology Today, and HuffPost. Not just that but 500,000 users have trusted this web hub with their privacy and gained support.

Apart from being reliable, the services offered are efficient when it comes to pulling people out of the doldrums. In this regard, the stats also speak in favor of this website. The site has mentioned that 70% of its subscribers have fought depression, 98% have effectively taken steps away from their disturbed mental state, and 94% think of this online place as better than face-to-face therapy sessions.

Another point that shows that this online counseling option is effective at what it claims is that Berkeley Well-Being Institute conducted a research and concluded that this online therapy practice is no less effective than live counseling. All this portrays that one can get help whenever he needs through this website without any issues or doubts.

Final Verdict (Should You Really Try It?)

People need to lower the burden of problems they carry on their shoulders by going for therapy. BetterHelp is a convenient route to it. The professional counselors and therapists of the site are there for a person 24 hours of the day that also at an affordable rate. After all, one must seek help and be able to get it when he needs.

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