The Beard Club Review – Thicker, Longer, Fuller Beard?


The Beard Club is a company that sells all natural products, formulated to help men grow full, healthy, lush beards. The Beard Club is a renowned brand, known for its high quality products sold at a very reasonable price. There are no hidden fees or such other deceptions and the products are conveniently delivered right to one’s doorstep.

The Beard Club

Getting one’s beard to be thick and full is something every man wants but most are unable to achieve. The beard is a sign of maturity and something most men associate with respect. Think Dumbledore in Harry Potter, what makes the big guy so powerful? His beard. There is an air about him that demands respect something that he wouldn’t have had had he not been blessed with a beard.

They are right when they say, “a Beard is the new six pack.” But not every man has a naturally thick beard. Some men even have a hard time growing stubble. Gliding that razor on one’s cheeks uselessly is not going the force hair out, so stop right there. Going for chemical­filled products is only going to cause harm in the long­run. Other procedures are not even an option with the risk factors and huge price tags they bring along.

One solution? Join The Beard Club. This company is a renowned one and one can see that clearly from their website and their social media channels. They sell an array of natural products from oils and balms to shampoos for one’s beard hair. Growing a beard has never been easier. The club has more than 300,000 members, all bearded brothers. The hair care products ensure that one can have a lush and thick beard minus the unkempt and untidy look that Hagrid’s beard has.

The Beard Club Product Line

The Beard Club is a group of like­minded members who believe in the power of a luscious and well­maintained beard. They have a closet full of different products that one can purchase depending on his beard requirements. Below is a list of the products offered.

Growth Oil:

Facial hair brings respect and for all those who have trouble growing a beard, this is the product for them. This oil contains a blend of essential nutrients and vitamins that can promote the growth of a longer and thicker beard. The oil ensures that one gets a beard that is not problematic and thus it helps relieve beard itch. Through this oil, a thinner beard can be transformed into a thinker one with perfect texture and shine. It accelerates beard growth so one can wave a goodbye to his face’s no­beard land.

Growth Vitamins:

A man without a beard is not a man; he is a boy. Sounds harsh, eh? But that’s what everyone says. Through these vitamins one can make sure that he doesn’t fall into that category. The vitamins ensure that one’s beard doesn’t grow in patches. No more beard blotchiness, no fear of the frightening baby beard syndrome. This botanical blend of multivitamins and extracts has several benefits. It helps one quickly get a full beard that has the thickness, luster, and texture of his dreams.

Growth Vitamin Spray:

One of the easiest ways to keep the beard in good shape is by using The Beard Club’s Growth Vitamin Spray. It combats the three main problems faced by beard bearers: beard dandruff, beard hair loss, and beard roughness. These three issues are more often than not ignored because most men do not know what to do about them. This spray is the answer. It contains the vitamins that are needed to hydrate the beard and give it a smoother and softer feel, keep the hairs strong, and prevent beard dandruff.

Beard shampoo:

The mistake most men make that can destroy even the best of beards is that they use their traditional soap or hair shampoo for their beard. A move that not only is harsh on facial hairs but also damaging for the skin. This shampoo is The Beard Club’s best­selling product. It cleanses the beard which is a breeding ground for bacteria. It doesn’t dehydrate

or make the texture rough. It refreshes one’s beard by moisturizing it and detangling the knots in it. It makes beard dandruff disappear and gives one a silky beard.

Beard Brush:

Another product they have is the beard brush. It’s not just one’s head hair that needs regular brushing but beard hair too. This brush is specifically made for beard hair. This brush is 100% pine made with genuine boar bristles. It doesn’t hurt one and detangles knots and straightens the beard gently. Messy beard is not an issue for the brush, it brushes the mane without pulling out the locks from the facial skin. One grooming tool that every man must have.

Beard and Mustache Combs:

If there is a beard brush, there is obviously a beard and moustache comb as well. It is always great to groom oneself, not only for self satisfaction but because grooming definitely leaves an impression on every person one comes across. Through these combs one can keep his beard straightened. The moustache comb is made from sandalwood. Men can take these along in their pocket wherever they go.


The Beard Club has a solution to every beard­ related problem. They are well­-known and trustable and hence one doesn’t have any need to hesitate if he wants to join their club. All the products are of top­notch quality without being heavy on the wallet. The products also come in kits with great discounts that enable one to save bigtime! One can change or cancel his subscription at any time without any fuss. All a customer has to do is place an order and have the items delivered to his doorstep.


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