Back to Life Emily Lark Review – Complete Healthy Back System


A backache can entirely ruin the fun of life. When one isn’t able to have a calming walk on the seaside let alone go for his morning run, how stressed must he feel? Even walking to the kitchen to treat oneself to some snack feels like a chore. That’s why it is essential to get rid of the pain. One convenient way to do so is by getting Back to Life.

What is it?

Back to Life is a compilation of videos that one can stream or download online that contain the method to solve back pain issues once and for all. With this exercise sequence, a person can easily opt out of other training programs or medical treatments. Pills and medications are expensive whereas surgeries are downright dangerous along with being costly.

Messaging chairs are ineffective, and even if one of these alternatives actually works, it provides only a temporary solution. This program, however, is a permanent way to be done with back problems.

How does it work?

When someone has an accident that affects his back, the pain and the memory tend to resurface even after years of recovery. This is called “repetitive trauma.” Sometimes though a person seems fit and healthy, he silently suffers chronic back pain. The reason why back pain keeps coming back at one is that there is something wrong under the surface.

The only method to solve this issue without putting the back muscles at any further risk is by following the routine shown in this video. The 10 minutes’ workout is one that can soothe the back muscles in a manner that aligns and rights them.

Benefits of the program

Back to Life has many advantages in its arsenal. Some of these are the following;

Relief from back pain:

It squeezes the fault lines in the back gently. By making certain that the back’s muscles are sorted, it makes certain that a straightforward and short routine can save one from the trouble of further health issues.

Better posture:

Another pro is that it improves the back’s posture, enabling one to sit, stand and walk upright. A hunched back not only looks unattractive but it can also contribute to further spinal problems.

Relieves sciatica:

This severe ailment can be combated by following this routine. It relaxes tense muscles and hence solves sciatica. Thus, one wouldn’t have to run to the hospital for surgery, saving himself the pain, hassle, and money.

Gives energy:

By solving the issue of a backache and promoting exercise, it makes a person agiler so that he may never feel left out. This way one can enjoy daily activities without any trouble.

Strengthens the core:

The core is made stronger which helps in several ways. With a strengthened core a person feels more balanced and active.

Lean body:

The muscles of the stomach, thighs, and hips are toned giving a person a slim body. So, one can also get rid of a protruding belly.

Reduces stress:

With all these benefits, it also brings about an overall decrease in depression. It elevates a person’s mood and makes him feel more cheerful.

Solves acid reflux:

It also relaxes one’s stomach and assists in solving the problem of acid reflux. By calming the upside-down situation of the stomach, it promotes good health.

Peaceful sleep:

Many people face insomnia and can’t sleep at peace. This program solves that as well. It enables one to sleep deeply. By doing so, it doesn’t just right one’s routine but it also makes him feel more refreshed.

Convenient to follow:

This workout session is convenient and comfortable. There are no weird exercises that require a person to twist into unnatural shapes. Nevertheless, it restores both a person’s vitality and his flexibility too.

For everyone:

Back to Life is for both men and women. It is mainly designed for people above the age of 40. Although people older than 60 years can also quickly follow it.

Based on research:

The workout routine isn’t a made up one. Rather, it is based on scientific investigation and kinesiology. A lot of effort has been put into it so that the best and easiest possible solution is presented.

Safe and reliable:

Each and every move shown in the videos is safe to follow. It’s, in fact, better than many other exercises that pose a risk to one’s back. It’s also trustworthy because it has been made by someone who has been through a similar situation.

Bonuses that come for free

The video tutorials do not come alone. Instead, the maker has also added two free of cost gifts that can assist a person in relieving issues of pain in the back. The Back to Life Companion Manual is one bonus that contains full instructions and info on how to get rid of a backache.

Another bonus is The Healthy Back Checklist. This book includes all the knowledge and guidance of the little things that people tend to do that can contribute to a backache. Not only that but it also contains techniques that can reverse the damage. Together, the package has one all covered.

Payment and refund policy

The whole program including the bonuses is priced just at 37 dollars. That is relatively cheap especially when compared to the stacks of money one has to pay to go to the gym. Other than that, there is also a 60-days, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

This means that if someone wants to get his cash back because he doesn’t find the package useful, he easily can. This also shows how confident the person behind the program is about the product.


Summing up, Back to Life is dependable and an efficient way to eliminate back pain once and for all. It is for everyone, even the people who are as old as 80 years because of how convenient the exercises are. There’s a cash refund offered as well, and the program isn’t even as pricey to start with.


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