Azza Mattress Review – How Does It Help In Providing Good Sleep


After a long day at work, there is nothing more than a good sleep that a person needs. It is like a human being is machine and sleep is his fuel that energizes him and gets him ready for another agile day. However, if the bed or more specifically the mattress on which a person is lying on is not comfortable, the amount of sleep a person will get is only imaginable. Moreover, the quality of one’s sleep will be much poor such that an individual will be hardly able to regain the energy spent in a day. One great solution is ensuring that the mattress is a good quality one that facilitates maximum comfort and optimal rest. In this regard, Azza Mattress is an amazing firm mattress to opt for.

Azza Mattress Review

The product is an innovative, supportive, and comfortable mattress that boasts adequate heat regulation. The premium memory foam bed also contributes to a philanthropic cause, which is both affordable and durable.

Formed in the United States, the Azza Mattress is a firm bedding that is packed with three layers of comfort. Everything about the mattress speaks volumes of comfort. On top of it, the material that goes into the making is free from any harmful substances and all the material is safe.

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All the components of the sleep mattress are fully manufactured in the US. The order can be placed on its official website that takes care of the customer care. Designs are produced in Brooklyn, New York. The covers are prepared in California and Kentucky with the rest of the components made in Los Angeles. Thus, the entire manufacturing, combining, and distribution of the mattress is based in the US.

Material in the Making

All the material that is used in the making of the Azza Mattress is safe and Certi-PUR certified. This translates into a safe and efficient process of making and ensure that the bedding foam is made without ozone depletes, lead, mercury, and other heavy materials. At the same time, there are no PBDE flame retardants used in the making.

The mattress is also made without any phthalates under the strict supervision of Consumer Product Safety Commission. Lastly, the certificate guarantees that the product contains low volatile organic compounds emissions so that the quality of the product is good for indoor usage.

Thickness and Layering

The Sleep Azza Mattress is based on 3 layers of memory foaming that feature proprietary dual phase temperature regulated gel memory foam, high-density polyurethane foam, and visco elastic memory foam.

The topmost layer has a thickness of two inches and low density. The layer is made of dual phase temperature controlled gel memory foam that aims at providing temperature monitored sleeping environment and a comfy surface.

The use of the proprietary dual phase change gel is an innovative approach taken by this mattress. It will help to enhance the comfort and rest of an individual by aiming for heat regulation within the foam.


The second or middle layer of the mattress is also made of high-density visco elastic foam with a thickness of 2 inches too. The layer works to provide additional support and a smooth transition from a later of low density in the top later to a high-density bottom layer. Owing to this factor, the mattress helps to add great comfort for individuals who experience chronic back pain and joint pain or arthritis.

Lastly, the bottom layer of the mattress has a thickness of 6 inches. It is made from a base of high density polyurethane foam. This layer is a standard one that provides support and structure to the top two later of the mattress. It also serves to prevent the mattress from any indentations with use or caving in with the lapse of time.


The Azza Mattress is not only comfortable and firm but it also is a durable foam. It boasts a long life based on its density perfection, strain release capabilities, resistance to surface abrasions, and high-quality construction. Here is how durable the mattress really is:

Firstly, a mattress with low memory foaming starts to skin within a few months. However, unlike the regular bed foams, this is not the case with the Azza Mattress. The top memory foam later is perfect and enhances the sleeper’s rest as well durability of the product

Secondly, a mattress is always more durable if it is able to release strains. Since the cover is made from high quality material, it is adequate enough to release strain and, in turn, be further durable.

Thirdly, the high quality material of this mattress also ensures that it is more resistant to edge and surface abrasions that can occur with the repeated rubbing of the cover surface of the foam with the sheets and the like. This factor further increases the durability of the product.

Lastly, the garment construction of this mattress prevents it from tearing at edges, sides, and seams. The cover is hand sewn hypoallergic polyester which is not only resistant to tearing but also poses good durability. The best part is that the cover is machine washable.

Heat Regulation

Most of the mattresses trap the body heat of an individual and prevent proper breathability. Under such cases, people end up waking up in a sweaty puddle in the middle of the night, which of course, is in no way contributive to a peaceful sleep. In the case of the Sleep Azza Mattress, there is dual phase temperature-controlled gel memory foam used that encourages a temperature maintained sleeping environment. This also aids in better comfort.


The Azza Mattress is an innovative new premium mattress that boasts several good features that make it worth an investment. It is not only comfortable but it is also durable and promotes a heat regulated sleep. The foam is firm and does not have any pungent or typical spell. It is also made with safe and high quality material that comes at a good price with a 100 nights trail period.



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