Asonor Spray: How Effective is it as an Anti-Snore Solution?


Life is hectic, and sleep is a precious fuel to recharge one’s body and overcome the tiredness of the day, to greet the next day with agility and new energy. However, there might be a single hindrance in this all-too-perfect plan named ‘snores.’ For some people fetching zzz comes as natural as breathing but for 90 million people in the United States, sleep comes punctuated with snores, which simply translate into improper sleep and in severe conditions snoring is a testament to serious health problems.

Instead of opting for costly treatments or using devices to save a person from the snoring discomfort, there is one way to relieve the issue and reverse the problems safely, and it is called Asonor Anti-snoring Nasal Solution. This is a nasal treatment spray that works to eliminate snoring from the sleep patterns of an individual so that a person has a good night’s sleep.

The Medical Problems linked with Snoring

Snoring is not just a sound to be ignored, as it is a clear indication of some health issue once it goes out of hand. From the 90 million Americans who snore, 35 million folks experience snoring on a regular note and consider it to be harmless and something they should sweep under the rug.

Snoring is not just a vibratory sound to turn a deaf ear to. In fact, it is clear indication of some health condition, the most common of which is the Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Temporary snores might be due to the common flu and cold or due to a blocked nose. However, in the case of sleep apnea, the throat muscles, which lead to snorting, relax fully so that once a person falls asleep, the relaxed composure of the throat muscles blocks the air passages and hinder the respiratory function. In simple terms, it causes problems in breathing.

The problems just does not remain restrained to this, rather many individuals go to developing cardiovascular diseases and are likely to suffer from a heart attack in comparison to those who do not snore while sleeping.

What is this Product?

It is a fact that snoring is not something to be taken lightly. In this regard, it is always better to treat the problem even before it arises. The Asonor Spray is the best solution that a person has. Laser treatments are not only heavy on the packet but are uncomfortable.

Several patients also become bound to a device called a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device. This machine is worn like a mask when a person is asleep to be able to breathe properly without any snore hindrances. However, it is not only expensive, but it is also difficult to sleep with this mark on one’s face.

This supplementary spray is, therefore, a reasonable and effective treatment to the problem of sleep apnea and snoring by preventing it from happening. It is an easy to use, simple nasal spray, which clears the breathing passageways and prevents the muscles from collapsing, thus, keeping sleep apnea away.

The Manufacturer of this Supplement

This is an anti-snoring solution is a new solution to the snoring problem. It is made in Denmark with a clinically proven formula that has undergone several medical trials, which have revealed the efficiency of the spray in naturally reducing snores and preventing the obstruction of respiratory passages.

This supplement comes from the company of TannerMedica, which is one of the leading names in the production of over the counter pills for sleep, snore, and health solutions. It is based in Scandinavia and manufactures all its products within the outline of safety measures.

TannerMedico complies with the standards of the European Quality Control and the Asonor Spray as all its other products are made using the CGMP production technique in Spain, Denmark, and Germany. By sticking to this technique, the company ensures the purity of all the ingredients it uses for its products while simultaneously ensuring their effectiveness.


This formula works by nasal dilation with the use of following ingredients that help achieve unhindered sleep patterns

  1. Sodium Chloride

This is the primary component used and is backed by studies. A study conducted by the St. George’s Hospital Medical School showed that the sodium chloride solution significantly reduced snoring levels and minimized airflow resistance.

  1. Polysorbate 80

It is a nonionic surfactant and is used as a nasal corticosteroid. A 2004 research by the University of Thessaly School of Medicine showed that the application of this compound improves breathing during sleep in cases of people with breathing disorders.

Apart from these ingredients, this solution makes use of the intranasal spray method of delivery of its formula. Clinical trials, including one conducted by the University of Florida, have backed this method and have shown it to be the most effective one for treatments for snoring.

How is this the best in the Market?

There are two major reasons that contribute to the making this product the best in the market that has several anti-snore supplements.

Firstly, the Asonor nasal solution is a new method of treating the problem, and it is the most capable of all the pills available. However, what makes this supplement the best are its pure ingredient and the transparent product policy.

Secondly, the spray solution comes from a renowned company name that follows all the standards of safety and policy guidelines for quality control.

Who is it for?

The Asonor anti-snoring nasal solution is for all the individuals who face snoring in varying intensities. These include light snoring, intermittent snoring, and heavy chronic snoring.

The spray works to quickly and efficiently reduce the threat posed by snores by addressing the root cause of the entire problem and treating it to unblock the respiratory airways for a quiet, good sleep.


The Asonor Spray is an effective and the best solution to the problem of snoring that can aggravate into other medical health concerns. It is safe to use, conforms to the norms of quality, and bears a pocket-friendly price as well.


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