AquaTru Review – Legit Filtration System?


Come to think of it, is the water that everyone drinks from their taps pure? No, it’s not. Impure and unfiltered water is filled to the brim with contaminants that are unhealthy. One needs to be careful about the water he drinks every day because so many people don’t, and they end up becoming prey to diseases.
There is one reliable way though that confirms healthy drinking habits. It is called AquaTru. This filtration system provides with clear and clean drinking water that is healthy. It is also portable and can fit inside one’s refrigerator. One can take it along everywhere, and it will purify the water 99% to rid it of dangerous toxins.

Why go for AquaTru?

Drinking water from the tap is dangerous to one’s health. It is full of harmful chemicals that can cause diseases. So, one resorts to under-the-sink filtration systems. Those are better options but not the best as they aren’t portable.
When one doesn’t have a handy filtration system, he buys bottled water. Or stores his filtered water in old plastic bottles. Both the options aren’t useful, as new water bottles are expensive and how long can a person keep spending money on something he can get for free?
Old plastic contains BPA and other chemicals which are dangerous to health. So, storing water in them for later isn’t a smart move. Also, discarded plastic bottles have an adverse effect on the environment. So, one starts wondering which alternative he can depend on for quality water.
AquaTru is a countertop filtration system that promises quality water. The quality is as excellent as that of bottled water minus the plastic. It is a patented four-stages filtration system and has reverse osmosis technology that is at par with the tech used by major bottled water brands.
The water it gives is free of toxic chemicals and gasses. The filtration system is reliable and tops all other alternatives with its in-depth water cleaning techniques. It is super convenient to use and manage. Fits inside the fridge as well like a mini version of the best filtration systems around the world.
Specifications and Components
• The portable filter is 14 inches’ high, 14 inches’ deep and 14 inches’ wide.
• It consists of three filter levels. The Pre/Carbon filter in which the pre-filter eliminates sediments from water and the carbon filter removes chemicals like chlorine and unpleasant flavors. Then comes THE Reverse Osmosis filter that is responsible for the major part of water purification. Last but not the least there is the VOC Carbon Filter that removes toxins that are in gaseous state.
• There’s a top water tank for holding tap water and another front water tank that holds clean water. Both of these tanks have been made by Tritan BPA and BPS-free, dishwasher safe plastic.
• There are a base unit and a power cord as well.
• Requires 120 V voltage and contributes to only 2 dollars of electricity per year.

How it works?

First of all, one is required to wash the tanks with warm and soapy water. Then let them dry. After that, the cover of the base unit is to be lifted to fit the three filters into their places. When the base unit has been covered, one has to attach the filtered water tank at the front and fill the top water tank with tap water and attach it behind.
Once the power cord has been plugged in and switched on, the filter will start doing its magic. There might be some bubbles or cloudiness inside when the system is used for the first time. That’s nothing to worry about, just air escaping from the three filters.
From the gallon of tap water filled in, three quarts of it will circulate and get filtered in each of the three filters. After that’s,
43one can press the blue button and pour himself water. In this way one can drink healthy water that’s free of contaminants.

The man behind this filter

Peter Spiegel is the man who came up with this filtration system. Before manufacturing this product over the course of five years with expert engineers and industrialists, he worked within the direct response industry and founded Ideal Living group of companies. Ideal Living companies have manufactured high-end products Paint Zoom, Prosvent, Cebria, and much more.
Peter felt the need to make this filter because he was of the view that despite serving him ultraclean water, his under-the-sick water filter was difficult to install and maintain for the common man. He also thought of how because of its importability, many people could not attain maximum benefits from it.
That’s when he decided to bring the idea of this filtration system to life. It is movable and doesn’t occupy much storage space while giving optimum pure drinking water.


This patented filtration system is currently priced at 350 dollars and an additional 20 dollars for S&H. The pre-filters in this system last for one and a half to three years depending on the contamination of water in one’s area. But the VOC filter needs to be changed once a year. The price for both these is 20 dollars. Whereas the reverse osmosis filter comes for $40 and lasts almost as long as the pre-filters do.
An additional filter tank can be bought for 50 dollars plus 7 dollars S&H. Perfect Mineral Drops, which turn water into naturally alkaline drinking water, can be bought for 15 dollars plus free S&H.


This filtration system makes life easier. The working of this filter isn’t something new, but the tech is advanced, and its portability gives it the edge over under-the-sink filters. One can rely on this one for healthy and pure drinking water. Research shows it removes 99% of the toxins in the water. No refund policy backs it, but a refund wouldn’t even be needed. One can be completely satisfied with AquaTru and take it along with him for his travels as well. After all, it is a step ahead of its contemporaries.


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