Andro Relief Review – Does This Pain Killer Really Work?


Pain is part and parcel of life, particularly muscular pain or associated pains. Aging brings the treat of pain generally, and it also accompanies the fast life that has befallen this century. And dependence on painkillers can be questionable as well, for most of these are based on chemicals that can stick as a habit with an addictive nature.

There is a reliable solution in the name of Life Naturals Andro Relief though. This is a safe pain relief capsule, which is not harmful in any way and is safe to use. It taps into a new research for its effectiveness. Moreover, relief from pain is quick, within 30 minutes a person would start feeling better, and pain would just vanish.


Andro Relief Review

AndroRelief by Life Naturals is an effective painkiller that reliefs one of any pain that is ready to make one’s life miserable. The period it takes to eliminate the pain is hardly ten minutes, which is a surprisingly little time considering that this product is also safe to use.

One would worry that painkillers are addictive by nature and can carry some adverse reactions or side effects in their wake, but this is not the case with this painkiller. The relief in pain is not at the cost of future harm or damage; rather it is based on deriving the positive benefits from natural ingredients.

Unlike other pain relief drugs, this painkiller does not have a chemical composition of harmful chemical substances that are addictive in nature. This product is based on natural components that ease pain instantly without any side effects and it also not ingrain in one’s habit so one can use it without any addictions.

Moreover, these gel capsules are founded on a recent research that has shown staggering results such as protection of the brain and the nervous system to name a few.

How Does Andro Relief Pain Killer function?

The endocannabinoid system is an organized mechanism in the body that specializes in controlling all the hormones on the body. An important aspect of this system is encephalin. Enkephalin is a hormone that is termed as the natural painkiller of the body.

Most of the painkillers and advertisements of opiates focus on the hormone Enkephalin for boosting their pain killing characteristics. However, the Andro Relief focuses on Andrographis Paniculata instead of any other hormone.

The primary function of the Andrographis Paniculata is regulating the release of Enkephalin, which in turn serves as a painkiller. Thus, by concentrating on controlling the body’s painkiller, this supplement is an efficient solution to the problems of uncontrollable pain.


The Positive Aspect of Andrographis Paniculata

Research has shown that this hormone regulator has more advantages that one, it not only fights off the pain but it also has a good, overall, impact on the body. Here are some:

  • Helps fight diabetes
  • Controls the blood sugar
  • It protects the brain by directing a healthy blood flow to it and providing a good amount of oxygen and nutrients to the brain
  • Serves as a shield of neuroprotectant, which works to limit the damage caused in case of a trauma or stroke
  • It also assists in the treatment of degenerative diseases for instance, dementia.
  • It also protects the nervous system’s cells as well as the brain
  • Helps curb inflammation, which is known as the culprit behind several diseases and ailing conditions

Benefits Andro Relief painkiller

This Life Naturals painkiller is associated with all the positive benefits and zero negative outcomes or adverse reactions. Here is an outline of all the benefits of the supplement

  • The painkiller is made of all the natural ingredients
  • Improvement in the condition of pain or relief from pain within 30 minutes
  • The prices are light on the pocket
  • There is a substantial discount on the price when one orders a package of six bottles of these gel capsules
  • There is a money-back guarantee


Each bottle of Andro Relief consists of 60 capsules of 250 mg. The regular dosage would be two capsules in a day. One should take a single capsule and wait for a period of 30-60 minutes and proceed to take another. In case, the pain is severe, one can take extra gel capsules, as need be. There is no restriction on the number because Andro Relief is safe and made of natural ingredients that are free from side effects. On the flip side, painkillers such as Advil cannot be taken so regularly, as they are not composed of 100% natural ingredients.

AndroRelief Price

It would only be wise to order more bottles or a bulk package of painkillers if one faces severe pain on a regular basis because the package would be far more economical than paying for a single bottle in more numbers. One will save $100 when he or she orders six bottles, as each bottle will cost $49 per bottle.

The money back guarantee

In case one is not satisfied with the results, although there is a rare chance of it, then he can easily get his money back. Within a frame of 180 days, a person can contact the website of Andro Relief and get back his money if need be.

Andro Relief Side effects

With painkillers comes the tension that they could be having hidden side effects. With Andrographis Paniculata comes to the fore, a serious question pops in the head of the users of getting high on it. The answer is that this supplement is completely safe to use, as it is scientifically not possible to get high on this ingredient. THC is the reason behind a person getting high on cannabis; however, there is no THC in Andrographis Paniculata that equates to no getting high on this capsule. Altogether, these scientific facts translate to zero side effects.


Andro Relief by Life Naturals is a safe and efficient solution to all the problems of pain that are commonly associated with an aging body and a hectic life. There are neither any associated addictions with these capsules nor any risk of getting high. Furthermore, these can be taken according to the intensity of pain, as this painkiller is absolutely safe to use.




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