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American Health Collective

American Health Collective Natural Wonders is like an encyclopedia of knowledge that has been divided into two parts. The first volume of the book talks about how prescriptions drugs that are basically meant to treat the patient can actually worsen his situation so much so that they can land one in his grave. The second volume of this guide, talks about what alternative natural routes a person can go for in order to avoid harmful prescribes medicine.

It also discusses preventative measures and causes of illnesses. Each aspect of research mentioned in this book is back by scientific support and hence it safe to follow.

American Health Collective Natural Wonders Review

More than 106,000 people suffering from one or another kind of diseases die not because of their illness but because of the over-dosage of prescription drugs. Despite the numbers being so huge most people do not take any steps to avoid these medicines, believing that either they have no other option of curing themselves.

What most prescription drugs do is elongate one’s live for a while without doing much for his health condition. What is the use of such a life in which one is confined to his bed and that also in agony?

This topic, the in-depth discussion of the truth about prescription drugs has been revealed in Bryce Hammond’s American Health Collective Natural Wonders volume 1. In this part, he discusses his works on prescription meds and when and how and which kind are the most dangerous.

The second volume of American Health Collective book is about natural routes a person can take to better his health. In this component, he talks about how diseases like dementia, cancer, and heart problems can be fought off by merely taking natural remedies. The book also tells one about why he become the victim of a diseases and how he can prevent it before it inflicts him.


Since each thing discussed in this book is backed by science there is no need to fear about the conclusions being incorrect. The natural measures and lifestyle changes discussed for keeping health in check are natural therefore there are no adverse side effects that show up either immediately after taking the remedy or in the long run.

The book has been written after years of hard work and comes from a reputable person, this erases any reason to hesitate while following the information mentioned in this book.


How does it work?

American Health Collective Natural Wonders works by making people aware of how they are digging their own graves. It describes the adverse reactions that are caused inside the body by the over consumption of prescription drugs. The book also talks about what can be done to save oneself from the constant attack of disease. It talks about items that can be sourced from nature for saving oneself and that also in a better and more effective manner that would not bring along negative side effects.

For instance, in the case of diabetes, it mentions how curcumin can be used as a cure for it. An ingredient that is 400x more potent and powerful than prescription drugs. Another example is cancer, that is one of the major causes of deaths in the United States.

This book reveals how even chemotherapy doesn’t work and can actually have adverse impacts. Similarly, the book also talks about the natural ways one can heal himself and avoid going for prescription drugs. By taking the right steps, one can also avoid an illness. Both the volumes of this book are about saving lives.

Who is the man behind this book?

American Health Collective Natural Wonders is not the product of a single man’s mind but rather a team effort. Bryce Hammond who is the research director at the American Heart Collection (AHC) along with his team of medical specialists and professionals has created this book. Bryce is an experienced expert who knows what he is doing; a professional in this field, not an amateur.

He along with his team of 157,478 individuals have spent about 14 years on this research. It took about 17 months alone to pen down this book. The reason? Extensive research. The goal of the team is one; to save lives by making people aware of the harms that can be caused by deadly prescription medicines.


The bonuses that come along

American Health Collective Natural Wonders doesn’t come alone; it brings along a few freebies. These are helpful books and since they come in e-book format one can read them via his smart device. The bonuses have been discussed briefly below.

Natural Wonders All-Day Energy:

This gift book talks about the methods that can be implemented to improve one’s energy levels. These keep one energetic throughout the day and promote a better lifestyle. Since all the techniques talked about are natural one doesn’t have to fret over accompanying negative impacts.

Natural Wonders Immune Protection Protocol:

This book discusses the techniques that can help one boost his immunity. A strong immune system ensures that health problems are warded off naturally. Thus, it tells one which foods he should eat and which he should avoid for strengthened immunity.

Natural Wonders Natural Sleep Solution:

Lastly, the third bonus helps one get rid of insomnia and promotes better sleep. Sleep problems are more often than not ignored though better sleep quality is directly proportional to a more active and better lifestyle. This book tells the natural ways one can get a more peaceful sleep and get his disrupted sleep pattern back on track.


American Health Collective Natural Wonders is one of the best books on the market that can save one or his loved ones from the dangers of prescription drugs. Through the use of this book one can know how he can save himself by going for natural ways to keep health in check. The book, both volumes along with bonuses, comes for a price of $37. It also comes along with a 60 days’ money back policy. So, if someone is not satisfied with the book, he can return it and get his cash back.

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