AlphaOmega by Do Vitamins Review: Is It A Pure Formula For Optimal Health?


The body is not just bone and blood, there is a lot more that goes into its making and optimal functioning. In addition to the daily diet, this includes vitamins and essential minerals. The regular diet of an individual is not usually a balanced diet. Resultantly, lots of vital nutrients are not included in the food and a person eventually develops a direct deficiency or some other health problem that is directly or indirectly linked to the lack of a specific nutrient. One such essential nutrient in Omega 3 and a good source of it is the supplement called AlphaOmega.

This is a pure and potent supplement that works to improve the overall functioning of the body without having to worry about side effects. The product is composed of all the natural ingredients and the formula is made under good quality conditions. This is a significant supplement to consume as it is claimed to be the purest omega 3 formula and, as a result, the healthiest too.

AlphaOmega Review

The supplement AlphaOmega comes from Do Vitamins and the main ingredient of its formula is traced from the Bering Sea in Alaska. The oil is extracted from a special fish in Alaska and then processed further for the purpose of purification and efficient preparation.

The main objective of this product is to enhance the health of an individual. In doing so, it targets various aspects of the body such as all the organ systems with a particular emphasis on the heart and brain health.

In the day to day life, less attention is paid to balanced nutrition. Some people live on proteins, whereas, others intake more carbohydrates and bad fats then they can comprehend. This is because there are few people who take a plate of full nutrition, containing all the important vitamins and minerals along with the accurate proportion of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

In the case of Omega 3, such a bleak situation is specifically true, as there are a number of people who do not eat fish. However, the nutrient is crucial for good health, in particular, the heart health. Therefore, the supplement provides this nutrient for the improved health of a person.

The central ingredient of this product is completely pure and in addition to this, there are no side effects accompanying the regular use of this product. Consequently, one can add the supplement in his daily routine without any worries of hidden harms and stay fit resultantly.

The Making of the Supplement

AlphaOmega is formed under hygienic standards. Firstly, the main ingredient of the fish oil is extracted from Alaska, traced from the Bering Sea. Once the oil is collected, it follows the second step of purification.

The second step is a must as all the is not beneficial to the health of a person is removed from the oil. After the filtering process, the oil is packed in a capsule to protect it and improve its taste so that it is not unpleasant for the user.


Do Vitamins AlphaOmega works in a natural manner so as to improve the health of a person. The unique formula of fish oil is critical for the maximum health of a person as it contains two main healthy fatty acids called the EPA and DHA.

When these two fatty acids are paired together in the right amounts and correct levels, they can yield a wide array of health benefits to a person. These advantages extend to both physical as well as mental health well-being. More precisely, EPA is good for the heart health, whereas, the other fatty acid, DHA is effective for brain development.

Some of the most common health problems that can be corrected by omega 3 include diabetes, breast cancer, ADD, coronary heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and high cholesterol. Omega 3 also works to improve memory retention and other of its related mental issues.

Purity of the Formula

The AlphaOmega by Do Vitamins stands as unique to the purity of its formula. Not only does the company ensure the purity of the fish oil ingredients but there is third party testing employed too. Such a purity test from another party cuts down the base of any bias and works to boost the potency of this supplement.

Moreover, the fish that is used in the making of this supplement comes from Alaska from an MSC-certified sustainable fishery. This further adds to the purity and good quality of the end product.


There are several good points about this product. Some of these include:

  • The central ingredient is a really important one as few people eat fish
  • The purity of the formula is ensured not only by the company but also by a third party
  • The fish oil is traced from a special fish in Alaska
  • The fishery that provides the main ingredient is certified by MSC.
  • The formula poses no side effects or any hidden harms
  • Good quality supplement


The recommended dose of the AlphaOmega is daily. The website claims that it can be taken twice daily for marked improvement in the overall health of a user. Not only is this betterment limited to physical benefits but it also provides mental well-being.

If a person has a serious deficiency, the dosage can be adjusted and set by a physician. In case, a person is a patient of some medical condition, he can always consult his doctor for making the safe choice for him.

Contacting the Company

Although all the information concerning AlphaOmega is present on the website and there would not be a need for any additional information, still if a person needs to get in touch with Do Vitamins, the individual can by connecting at their email address of The digits are not given so only written contact can be established.


Do Vitamins AlphaOmega is a potential formula for improving the health of a person. The primary focus is on the heart health and brain well-being. The formula is based on natural and pure ingredients and does not pose any side effects as well.


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