All Day Energy Diet Community Cookbook Review – Is It Worth It?


All Day Energy Diet Community Cookbook Review

Yuri Elkaim is a registered holistic nutritionist who has spent majority of his life searching and discovering new and benefiting aesthetics of food. He is the author of two New York Times bestselling books that have brought a revolution in food industry for a common man. Recently he has launched a new community-oriented cookbook that contains recipes of 67 gourmet-like meals that help transform lives of people who don’t have the time to go for conventional weight loss regimes that disappoint.

Yuri Elkaim wrote All Day Energy Diet Community Cookbook after years of research and experimentation. He has compiled 67 dishes after carefully selecting every ingredient and weighing its nutritive value and then assembling it together in an absolutely delicious mix of simple yet fancy eating.

Who Is This Cookbook For?

Yuri Elkaim was afflicted by an autoimmune condition at the age of seventeen that resulted in him losing all of his body hair and leaving him determined to change the outlook of his life and bringing a ground-breaking change in his diet. This is how he came to write All Day Energy Diet Community Cookbook. His basic objective is to reach millions of people around the world and save them from the poisonous junk food that has become a part of their routine.

That’s why this cookbook is for all people, male/female, young/old, whether of any ethnicity or race. Not just that, a person doesn’t have to be a professional chef to make recipes from this book; and still the end result is without doubt as good as a professional would make. That’s because of the simplicity and clear narrative of explanation for every step of each recipe.

Any person living in any place around the world can access this cookbook by ordering online and the digital version would be accessible instantly so they can start using it immediately.

This cookbook guarantees to be an asset to every common man in need of a dramatic diet change to influence health but also for those professional experts in the health and fitness industry who need a standard diet book to advice to their clients. Hundreds of experts in health, fitness and nutrition industry recommend this cookbook. Additionally the dynamic response of satisfied customers is a solid example of this cookbook’s success.

What Are Recipe Details Of This Cookbook?

Yuri Elkaim’s All Day Energy Diet Community Cookbook contains 67 mouth-watering, quick, and energizing recipes that take the user step by step through cooking a delicious and healthy meal. A fantastic point of the cooking is that it takes about fifteen minutes or even less! That means any person who is in a hurry for a meeting, or needs to make an emergency entrée for guests or even people who have limited time to lose stubborn weight can rapidly take advantage of this cookbook and prepare meals in a narrow time span.

These recipes are for every occasion whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. User can also use them as a snack between busy times and see the miraculous transformation within their bodies as fat melts off, lean muscle bulges out and belly flattens, all the while bursts of energy and vigor provide just the right mood and capacity to get work done no matter what time or place.

The recipes in this cookbook are low in sugar, free of gluten, dairy, soy and other junk. It’s kid-approved so that children can enjoy every spoonful of it and grow up with healthy building blocks. It’s vegan-approved and Paleo-approved.

Some of the recipes included in the cookbook include Sunny Avocado Boat, Black Beans Brownie, Creamy Tahini Broccoli, Fresh Tomato Soup, Apple Celery Salad, Pomegranate Pepita Salad with Salmon and many more.

The user also gets recipes from many other leaders in food and nutrition industry like J.J. Virgin, Ben Greenfied, Tana Amen, Cynthia Pasquella and many others; hence the name Community Cookbook.

What Are The Health Benefits Of The Recipes In This Cookbook?

Yuri Elkaim’s All Day Energy Diet Community Cookbook tells the most principle of its specialty by its name. Energy is all it takes to keep the body hip and running. Most people consume this energy from unhealthy sources, turning to junk food and energy drinks to achieve temporary adrenaline surges meanwhile their bodies accumulate fat and become a ticking time bomb.

Yuri Elkaim’s All Day Energy Diet Community Cookbook is bursting with real nutrition that provides energy that not only lasts all day but also repairs the damages within the body on cellular level and constructs a healthy inner environment by burning fat and building proteins.

The recipes in this cookbook are health-oriented in a way that they help a person lose weight by reducing the ongoing inflammation in their bodies that has been spurred on by years of junk food intake. These recipes are high in nutrition value and they boost the metabolism and have a thorough cleansing effect that enriches the body with the kind of healthy substances that strengthens the body’s muscle and immunity, melts down fat and amazingly is heavenly to the tongue so that the user is left licking fingers and craving for more.

The meals look like they’ve come straight from restaurant’s kitchen but without any Michelin-star rated chef to make it, instead there’s a triumphant relief that user feels after making such meals that provide a sense of achievement along with the physical health benefits.

What Are The Buying Terms Of This Cookbook?

Yuri Elkaim is a man on a mission. He needs to spread the secrets of health enclosed in his cookbook to millions of people around the globe. That is why he is willing to give it away free of cost and he just wants the buyer to cover shipment charges. It’s an excellent selling deal that no other nutritionist has offered before. Yuri also adds two bonuses if bought immediately and these include Instant Digital Access and Plant-Powered Vegan-Swaps Recipe Guide.

All Day Energy Diet Community Cookbook is available free-of-cost for a limited time limit and after all the copies are sold or the limit is reached then the user would have to pay standard price which is also very reasonable and low for the quality and benefits promised by this book.

Interested folks can download this eBook from its official website:


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