Alexapure Breeze – Eliminates More Than 99% Of Contaminants In The Air?


Alexapure Breeze is an air purification system that can convert contaminated air into fresh air that is free from allergens, dander, viruses, bacteria, and odor. The air filter is light weight and as quiet as a mouse along with being efficient; it cleans more than 99% of the air’s impurities and enables one to live a healthier life. The IonCluster technology and HEPA multi filter of the product are what make it stand out of the crowd of other similar air filtration plants.

Alexapure Breeze Review

Health is not just decided by the food one eats or the water one drinks but also by the air one breathes. Toxic air that carries contaminants can adversely impact one’s health in several dangerous ways. While most people do care about the food they consume and take measures to ensure that their drinking water is entirely pure, they often forget that they must take steps to make certain that the air they inhale must also be fresh and free of impurities.

It is impossible for one to be overly cautious about this factor though, but one must try and keep the air in his house at least clean. One way to do so is by going for Alexapure Breeze air filtration system. This air purifier is a convenient way to ensure that one’s family is not breathing in toxins. Bacteria, viruses, allergens, etc. all travel in the air and through the help of this filter one can keep these from adversely affecting his health.

The high-end air purifier has IonCluster technology; this ensures that more than 99% of the air is purified. The cleaning molecules of the filter reach out to every nook and cranny of the room to destroy pollutants. It doesn’t even require replacement and is completely ozone free. The HEPA multi filter fitting of the system makes sure that air passes through a number of layers so that it is cleaned entirely.

How does it work?

With how polluted air is these days, one must take every measure he can to ensure its freshness for his loved ones. There are scores of air filtration plants on the market then what makes this one stand out? Alexapure Breeze is an excellent air purification system owing to its top-notch making and working. It is a revolutionary product that makes air into how nature wants it to be; pure and fresh. Here are the four steps in which this filter works and that make it unique:

A durable pre-filter: 

In the first step, the air purifying plant uses a huge filter that catches dust particles and pet hair. One doesn’t have to worry about this filter getting dirty as it can be washed and reused. This also acts as a protective layer for the more delicate filters inside.

An activated carbon filter: 

This second stage involves an activated carbon filter and the job of this filter is to eliminate all the dangerous organic compounds in the air those which can damage one’s health. It also removes the smell caused by pets and the smoke that is buried deep inside upholstery, rugs and carpets.

A powerful HEPA filter: 

This is a mini filter and despite it being little it does a mighty job. It removes 99.97% of the contaminants in the air and ensures freshness.

IonCluster technology: 

This patented tech’s addition makes the plant all the more efficient. It acts the same way Nature does and attacks harmful particulates in the air. It removes viruses and bacteria, clearing the air of all allergens and dander, resultingly giving one fresh and pure air that is safe to inhale.

Features of this system

Alexapure Breeze is one of the few filtration systems that has a huge lot of admirable qualities. One of the greatest features of this filter is that it has IonCluster technology installed. This tech clears out almost all the pollutants in the air. With most other filtration plants that have such a technology in their arsenal they have negative side effects too. Surprised? Most people don’t even consider the idea that a filtration system can have any adverse side effects.

But most of the other air filters that have this patented layer convert ionized particles into ozone which is harmful for the lungs and thus for one’s health. This air purifier on the other hand is designed with a mechanism that doesn’t turn the particulates into ozone. In fact, it is 100% ozone free and its by-product is water. That makes it safer than other alternatives. Another feature that makes this air filter great is that is lightweight and doesn’t make any noise.

Since it is small and doesn’t weigh much, even those with small homes can have it fit inside. It doesn’t have occupy that much space. Secondly, it doesn’t disturb one’s sleep. Works at less than 16 decibels which means as quietly as a whisper and that is what makes it incredible. Despite it having so many favorable points, it is cheaper. Great value for money and it also comes with a year’s warranty. This shows that the company is authentic and not a scam.

The one-year warranty is against any factory faults or manufacturing defects. If a person notices anything like that within a year’s period, he can get a replacement. Also, the company behind this high-end air filtration system is Patriot Health Alliance. This is a renowned brand that keeps introducing new products time and again. Their supplements etc. are a huge success. This makes it easy to trust the quality.

The purifier is also easy to use. A one-time click and all, after that one wouldn’t have to keep altering the settings or anything like that. All one has to do is turn it on and forget about it. Since there are no complications anyone can use this filter easily. Another feature is that it comes assembled so one doesn’t have to deal with any trouble trying to fix the system. It cleans literally the air in every corner of the room.

It also is portable so one can conveniently take the air filtration system with himself when he is travelling to another country or shifting to a new house. If one doesn’t trust the company himself, he can check out the online reviews of the product for himself and see how people have given this mean air cleaning machine positive reviews. The Alexapure Breeze has been tried and tested by independent parties who have assured it to be effective at delivering purified air.


The environment of one’s own home is not safe from germs and harmful microbes in the air. It is necessary to breathe in pure air rather than putting one’s health at risk. One convenient way to do so is by going for Alexapure Breeze by Patriot Health Alliance. This is a lightweight, already assembled, easy to use, simple, portable air cleaner that contains four filters and powerful layers. The latest technology that the filter has keeps the air fresh and pure.

With the help of this product one can ensure that the air that he and his family members are inhaling is pure and free from allergens, bacteria, viruses, dander, etc. The ionized particles realized attack the very surface of these microbes, finishing them off. Even better, the air purifier also eliminates odor. The company claims that 99.97% of contaminants in the air are killed by this filter.


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