Abs After 40 Advanced Review – Is It Better Than The First Version?

Abs After 40 Advanced Review

Abs After 40 Advanced is a workout program especially designed for men over 40 years old. The 90-day training ensures that the men gain the required muscles by enhancing their testosterone levels and energy. Developed by Mark Mcilyar, the Abs after 50 features all-natural remedies to help men get into the shape they desired. Read below to find out if the program is worth investing money on.

What is Abs After 40 Advanced?

By the age of 40, most men have developed a routine where they either don’t have time between family responsibilities and work or lack energy for exercise. Some men also consider themselves as “too old” for exercises and workout programs. However, these are just myths and men over 40 have the same potential as anyone else to get ripped muscles and lose weight.

Needless to say, a person’s body and muscles change over time and due to this, a man over 40 years is unable to (and shouldn’t) perform the same workouts as a 20 year old. They are also more prone to energy which is why they should take extra care and follow a workout plan that enhances their metabolism and testosterone levels.

Testosterone is a sex hormone found in men which is responsible for a male’s sex drive, ripped muscles and bone mass. The normal range of testosterone is 300 – 1100 ng/dl but after the age of 30, the levels start decreasing by 1.6% per year.

Although age also plays an important role, the fall of testosterone is mainly due to poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and poor lifestyle choices. Man with low levels of testosterone is likely to experience a change in their sex drive, difficulty achieving erection, hair loss, loss of muscle mass, decreased bone mass, mood swings, and a noticeable decrease in their energy levels.

Since, the low testosterone directly affects a person’s physical feature and their ability to lose weight – it is important to fix the main cause rather than slumping around with an unattractive physique.

Experts also recommend incorporating healthy diets, vitamins, and workouts that help increase the levels of testosterone for a healthy well-being.  And this is exactly what Mark Mcilyar has done.

The Abs After 40 Advanced workout program is designed by fitness icon and male model Mark Mcilyar. According to Mark, the program was a result of his fat body at the age of 49. He claims that he was especially flabby in the midsection and no personal trainer, diet plan or gym membership helped him fix the issue.

He believes that it is impossible for men above the age of 40 to get into their former shape without fixing the main cause that led to belly fat. After a thorough research, Mark concluded that there is just one simple thing that men should do to achieve a 6-pack ab. By fixing the deteriorating hormone system, men above the age of 40 can enhance their testosterone levels and energy to get the physique they desired.

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The Abs After 40 Advanced Program Details:

The Abs After 40 Advanced Program includes:

  • Hormone Rejuvenating Exercise plan especially developed for men over 40
  • Workouts that incorporate free weights
  • Diet plan that helps balance male hormone system

The program works in three phases:

  • Phase 1 – Melt off body fat
  • Phase 2 –Enhance Testosterone Levels
  • Phase 3 – the A-40 sets that gets the users in full fat burning mode

The exercises mentioned in the program are easy to follow and don’t require any extra equipment or assistant. They take around 20 – 25 minutes to complete and are customized to reduce the risk of injuries that most men above 40 are concerned about.

Nutrition Plan:

Diet plays a crucial role in enhancing the testosterone levels. Below is the 12-week diet plan that can be expected from the program:

  • Introduction to the Nutrition System
  • Week 1 – How to Prepare Healthy Meals
  • Week 2 – The Grill and Go in just 60 minutes
  • Week 3 – Become a Grab and Go Snack Expert
  • Week 4 – Directions to Prepare carb free Chicken Tacos
  • Week 5 – Guide to foods that enhance testosterone
  • Week 6 – Dietary Fats that help gain muscles
  • Week 7 – Conveniently available testosterone raising foods
  • Week 8 – how to naturally produce more testosterone
  • Week 9 – support for Keeping weight off in long-term
  • Week 10 – 7 tips to help stay on track with weight loss goals
  • Week 11 – how to balance social life with weight loss goals
  • Week 12- supplements that are necessary for men over 40 years


Although the program is safe to use, there are some important restrictions that include:

  • The program is not intended for men under 40 and should not be used by them under any circumstances
  • It is advised to take doctors advise before incorporating the program
  • The workouts should be followed as mentioned in the program and extra workouts to accelerate weight loss should not be entertained for any reason


The Abs After 40 Advanced Program is available in digital format and users are given instant access to the program after they have successfully placed their order. The price of the program is $97.00. However, the makers have stated on the website that the price will increase to $197.00 after 500 men purchase the program.


Mark Mcilyar has done a thorough research and his revelations are backed by scientific research that increased testosterone levels are the key to a great body. He himself is a role model for those who believe that body building is not for those who are above 40 years. Now 53 year old, Mark is working as a male model.

The diet plan and the workout combination are easy to follow and provide the interested men with all the tips they need to achieve a body that they always longed for.


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