90 Day Weight Loss Protocol Review – Efficient Route To Weight Loss?


90 Day Weight Loss Protocol is a program by James George in which he walks users through methods they can employ to shed off extra pounds of their body. This program doesn’t recommend one to diet, or take unhelpful supplements, rather it talks about the foods and the food combinations that can rev up the metabolic process of the body. Not only is this program effective but it is also safe to follow and reliable.

90 Day Weight Loss Protocol

As easy as it is to snip a picture on the computer, the exact opposite level of easy it is to chop off those obstinate kilos that hug one’s body. No matter how hard one tries, no matter how many different diets he tries, he is unable to achieve his goal of sliming down even by a bit. This leaves him wondering where he is going wrong. But diets are not the right route to weight loss. The reason being simple; they cut off food items from one’s list and in turn increase cravings.

One can’t exactly ignore his ever-increasing weight either; not only does that make him less attractive but it also poses way too many health risks. Exercise they say can help but imagine how difficult it must be to workout for someone who has a heavy frame. What basically stands behind one’s body’s inability to lose weight is a slow metabolism. Something that can’t be helped by dieting but by eating healthy.

Injections and surgeries are not for everyone with how expensive they are. Not to forget that they are so risky that even those who can afford them should avoid these procedures at all costs. And this is where 90 Day Weight Loss Protocol comes into the picture. This is a program that follows a unique approach to weight loss. Unlike other programs that support the use of harmful pills and starvation, this program doesn’t.

What this regime does is that it informs one of what he should add to his daily meals; foods that can take the notch up on his metabolism. It revolves around the concept of white and brown fats. It doesn’t force one to sacrifice his favourite meals, it just tells them that which combinations of foods can work to help his body speed up the fat melting process. Created by James George who is an experienced expert in this field, this program is dependable as well.

How does it work?

This program doesn’t just tell one about the foods that he should incorporate in his diet to shed off excess pounds. No, it actually explains why these should be eaten and how they would impact his health and help him lose weight. The focus of this program lies on white fat and brown fat. Basically, white fat has a lack of mitochondria unlike brown fat. This, as the program explains, is the main difference between the two types of fats.

Brown fat is a rich source of mitochondria and it is usually present at the neck and upper back portion of the body. Brown fat is responsible for burning calories. This the healthier type of the two. Whereas white fat, though it helps in the conversion of food into energy, also plays a role in accumulating fats and thus leading a person to gain weight. White fat also promotes other health related problems and that is why it is not considered good.

White fat can cause high blood pressure, a raise in cholesterol levels, it also contributes to causing diabetes and digestive issues, etc. The 90 Day Weight Loss Protocol discusses where these fats are stored, what they do, and in what amounts they should be present in detail. It talks about which foods can be used to maintain brown fats and tame white fats. James George elaborates how white fats can be converted into brown fats and thus how all this can assist one in reducing weight.

Features of the program

90 Day Weight Loss Protocol can be divided into three components. Firstly, it helps individuals by telling them which foods can help convert white fat into brown fat for rapid conversion of fats into energy. This way fats wouldn’t be stored and would be used up as an energy source by the body. Next, it contains a list of wines that can help eliminate the collection of fats at areas. Fat build-up that can be cropped off after consumption.

Then, thirdly, it talks about food combinations. How meals should be paired so that metabolism is promoted, and one can optimally shred off those adamant pounds that seem to have sworn to never leave one! This is how this program aims at helping individuals; no strenuous exercises, no unnecessary dieting, no dangerous supplements. Hence, one doesn’t have to fear any negative side effects by following this regime as there are none reported.

Pricing and bonus

This program comes for a fair price of about $39. That is reasonable considering how helpful the 90 Day Weight Loss Protocol is. Users can learn how to leverage the power of healthy eating by using this program and slim down. Additionally, there is a freebie also that comes along which makes this regime all the more worth it. The bonus is called The Healthy Eating Guide. This book contains the names of 40 ingredients that can assist one achieve the physique of his dreams.


There are a whole lot of weight loss programs out there but not all of these are worth investing in. The 90 Day Weight Loss Protocol is not one of those regimes that fool customers for their bucks. It is an efficient route to weight loss that talks about the science behind fats and how a person’s metabolism can be boosted. This not only benefits one by helping him shred unwanted weight but also makes one more energetic and saves him from an array of illnesses. It keeps an overall check on health and improves the wellness and lifestyle of users.


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