7 Day Flexibility Solution Review – Eliminates Pain and Improves Mobility?


7 Day Flexibility Solution is a program that can release the tightness and pain in muscles and increase the flexibility and mobility of the body. A mini stretching band comes free with the DVD of this routine so that users can gain maximum benefits. Apart from coming for a very low price and having efficient yet easy techniques packed in, this program also has a 100% money-back guarantee so that customers know they can rely on it entirely.

7 Day Flexibility Solution review

When one’s muscles are too firm to move without bringing about a ton of pains, his life is more or less restricted to his bed. Losing weight for the victims of such a problem is improbable while getting rid of the condition seems to be a far-fetched option. When it all starts – that feeling of having numb, yet aching muscles that are too inflexible to support even daily basic activities – many say, “oh, it’s nothing! Will go by itself.”

But that is almost never the case. Whether a person is young or old, and no matter how lightly the people surrounding him treat the problem, it can get very challenging to even walk a few steps. Sitting won’t help and for how long can one stay in the same position? Even that hurts! Over-the-counter medications are another silly option that often being along adverse side effects such as nausea, gas, and bloating.

Exercises – who are people even kidding when they suggest such a thing to someone who can’t even cross the room without struggling? Visiting a chiropractor is like throwing money without getting any results while going for traditional stretching routines is another way of putting oneself in even more misery. Ice application makes for a nice temporary solution but can never be helpful in the long run.

That said, there is one solution that claims it can help people wave goodbye to painful and stiff muscles, and welcome flexible ones. It’s called the 7 Day Flexibility Solution. The name clearly suggests what this program does. It helps one get mobile muscles that do not hurt and are normal. It doesn’t come alone, but with a bonus material and a special band as well. Not only is it effective but it seems to be pretty reliable as well.

Through the use of this program one can conveniently unlock his stuck muscles, substantially decrease lower back pain, and get painless joints with better overall flexibility. This routine can be wrapped up in just seven days, all without having to engage in strenuous exercises, or by going for a restricted diet which only stacks up the bills. It contains mini movements that can make one feel younger than ever.

Working of this program  

Though the 7 Day Flexibility Solution reveals what it does, one does wonder how it achieves the goals that it says that it can deliver? Basically, it depends on certain components and owing to these it is effective. First off, it reveals the mistakes most people make that keep them in pain forever. And these five mistakes are not just made by common people but by trained pros as well. Once one is aware of these mistakes, he can avoid them and keep the pain at bay.

Then the program also reveals nine simple and easy-peasy ways that can help one to get rid of hip, knee, and lower back pain. Following these can refresh a person all without having to visit an expert.  The program also reveals why it is essential to stretch the hips first and how to stay free of hip pain. Then it gives one fourteen pain eliminating methods that can help one get rid of chronic pain in the lower back, hips, and knees.

The program contains step by step routines that are as easy to perform as breathing. That is because they are mostly single movements and no such methods that first induce pain to reduce it next. The five pain relieving solutions in this program are the hip flexor routine, lower back flexibility, ankle and calf routine, knee routine, and glute activation. All these make muscles more elastic by untying the knots that have formed.

Unlike other programs, this one doesn’t concentrate on dynamic warmups or cardio to begin the routine with because these do not target muscle pain and stiffness. Instead, the 7 Day Flexibility Solution starts with Self-Myofascial Release or SMR in brief. This is a process that releases tightness by elongating muscles. Vastus lateralis, rectus femoris, lateral gastroc, piriformis, adductors; these are the five components of SMR that this regimen focuses on.

Then there is also Post SMR Static Stretching that this program assists with. These stretches include kneeling hip flexors, advanced kneeling hip flexor, calf stretch, advanced calf stretch, achilles stretch, piriformis, advanced piriformis, pigeon stretch, and adductors straddle. Apart from this, there is a lot more. All this, takes about 20 minutes each day and that’s it. These single movements however cannot be categorized as exhausting exercises and do not fatigue one at all.

Additionally, there is a free mini band as well that makes it all the more convenient to stretch muscles overtime. Not only does it boost flexibility, but it sculpts core muscles as well, helps one lose pounds, and feel younger. The unique band technology is durable, elastic, and snap-resistant. The video training program, 7 Day Flexibility Solution, brings along another bonus too, named “Junk Food Eliminator” which is a PDF guide on fitness and health.


There are several programs out there that promise to help relieve one’s muscles of tightness and help one gain mobility. But not most of them deliver what they claim they can. The 7 Day Flexibility Solution looks to be one of those few routines that can actually aid one in bettering his mobility and eliminating pain. This program comes for a reasonable and discounted price. For further instructions and details, one can visit the official website of the program.


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