5 Minute Shaper Pro Review: Is it Worth Your Money?


A bitter truth about going to the gym regularly is that a person makes several cheat escapes from it. Until and unless, gym time is not strictly monitored, regulated and worshiped as meal time is; one is bound to escape a day or two of their exercise routines. Additionally, going to the gym is a headache where a person does not have the comfort of one’s home. Some people even feel shy about exercising in public.

There is an all-in-one solution available for everyone in the form of an exercising machine called the 5 Minute Shaper Pro. It is a multi-tasking, lightweight machine that an individual can use in his or her home. Also, this machine is not dedicated to losing the body mass of one particular area rather the unique characteristic aspect of this machine is that it targets four regions of the body and helps one trim down the body completely.

What is this product?

The 5 Minute Shaper Pro is an incredible exercise machine with spectacular feature that lets one shape their body by targeting all the weight gain area. One can easily bid farewell to taking out the time to go to the gym, as he can easily free himself from the slavery of several machines at the exercising gym.

A person only has to rely on one machine for a fully shaped body. Moreover, one only needs to invest five minutes during the day to this machine and ultimately shed the pounds and tone the muscles. Of course, a person can dedicate more time to exercising in this all-in-one trainer; there is no limit to it, which is only restricted by one’s self-determination. However, the least that one needs to put in is only five minutes.

Within these five minutes, the exercise regime with this efficient machine targets four primary body regions. These are the lower abs, core, obliques and the sides. Thus, with this machine, there is no need to switch from one exercise machine to another, as a matter of fact; an individual gets to trim his or her core, lower abs, sides, and obliques with one single machine.

Features of this Exercise Machine:

There are several features embedded in the design of this trainer and several advantages that can be derived from this machine, which can make the 5 minutes Shaper Pro worth all the dollars. It is a worthwhile investment for more than one reason; here are its exciting features:

  • Compact and Lightweight Design

The design is greatly compact. An exerciser can assemble and remove the respective exercise equipment of this machine with great ease. So there is no sweating over assembling and disassembling parts. To add a cherry on top of the compact design is the lightweight of the machine. So one will not remain restricted to using the machine on one spot. If the weather is good, a person can easily take the machine outside, or if an individual is in a mood of exercising indoors, he or she can easily do so indoors.

  • Full Body Exercise

This exercising machine gives a full body workout and unlike other abs trainer is not limited to focusing on trimming the muscle mass of one area or region of the body. The machine covers the backs, thighs, arms and glutes so that a person is fully toned and not out of shape from any region.

  • Bi-lateral Swivel

In a machine that allows for a controlled position, an individual will be able to target lower and upper abs. However, this exercise machine features a bi-lateral swivel that allows a person to focus on the obliques and sides as well. Hence, altogether the design of the machine is such that it gives flexibility to a person to target all the significant regions of his body.

  • Heart Monitor

As a final touch to the machine is the heartbeat monitor that keeps in check the heart rate of a person exercising. It permits its users to decide if they have achieved their target rate of heartbeats or if they need to go over the reading. The hand-held sensor lets the machine to calculate an exercising individuals heart rate while on the machine.

The Price of the Machine

The machine does not cost a bomb, the 5 minute Shaper Pro is for $199. However, if this price seems a lot for a single time, then the manufacturers of this workout trainer have an easy solution for a person. An individual can always get the machine in four installments.

Breaking the payment down into four parts of payments makes each part for $49.95. A treat on top of this includes free shipping and bonuses as well.


There are two other surprises with this workout pro, and these are:

Calories Cutting Meal Plan

This book plays a pivotal role in letting one get to the ideal physique because as is common knowledge, exercising alone cannot get a person a truly trimmed body. In fact, a healthy and well balanced diet is the complimentary key to fitness. This bonus will help one to get to that ideal stage.

The Workout Chart

This bonus helps one keep track of the progress of the journey to an abs packed body.

Benefits of the machine

  • The machine targets not one but four regions of the body
  • Minimum five minutes dedication on the machine are needed daily
  • It is easy on the pocket with the deal to pay in four installments.
  • Comes with free shipping and two additional bonuses
  • Compact design and lightweight making
  • Saves one from the daily trip to gym and allows a person to exercise in the comfort of one’s home


The 5 Minute Shaper Pro is a complete solution to achieving a well shaped and toned body. It is a compact design that targets the back, arms, thighs, and glutes of a person with a minimum investment of only five minutes daily. With this full body workout, one does not have to worry about going to the gym daily too.


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