12 Steps to Whole Foods Review – Perfect Meal Plan Guide that Offers Several Benefits?


12 Steps to Whole Foods is a detailed guide on healthier eating habits. Backed by scientific research and tried and tested by the owner of the program, Robyn Openshaw, this diet plan is plant-based but is compatible with all types of eaters. It offers several benefits and helps one save himself from diseases and maintain a fit physique.

What is it about?

Everyone wants to eat healthy and gain the advantages that result from it but the effort it requires is something not many can invest in. That is because eating healthy isn’t as easy as it is said so. Not many have the time it takes to wake up every morning and decide a diet plan, keeping nutritional facts in view and taking all other calorie-intake details into consideration.

The one main reason people find it difficult to commit to a healthy diet is the time and struggle these things require. Life has become so hectic for everybody that the option of ordering delicious junk food from outside seems much more convenient than cooking nutritionally healthy food at home. But an unhealthy diet brings along several health issues.

These range from deficiencies in nourishment to low agility and much more. Individuals who eat unhealthy age sooner than those who keep their nutrition in check. Unhealthy eating habits increase the risks of diseases manifold as they weaken the immune system of people. One major problem is obesity that results from constant unhealthy foods and high calorie consumption.

Luckily the internet has opened gates to ways one can maintain a healthy diet. But that is still not enough as it takes hours on end to decide a week’s worth of nutritionally balanced foods that are a sure-fire way of losing weight and combating other health related issues. Then it takes even more time to find recipes that consist of those ingredients and the pattern they should be eaten in for maximum benefits.

One convenient way a person can get all that information compiled in 400 pages is this guide called 12 Steps to Whole Foods. With it one learns ingredients, nutritional facts, recipes, what to eat and what to not eat and much more. It offers dozens of health advantages including strengthened immunity, raised energy levels, protection from diseases and much more.

The features of this diet plan

There are several amazing qualities that 12 Steps to Whole Foods diet program has in its arsenal. The first of which is that it contains essential information. Unlike other similar diet plans and guides it doesn’t contain any fluff or filler content. The creator of the guide understands that her readers know about the basics of healthy eating.

She moves right to the details of nutritional info and recipes after a brief introduction. Rather than lingering on unnecessary details the guide is to the point. The author, Robyn, has not just fetched information and research off the net. She has tested the recipes as she had initially made this diet plan for herself. She was a patient of a whole lot of diseases so much so that she had to take six different medications a day.

By implementing this diet plan she got rid of those diseases and lost 70 pounds! All naturally to the extent that today she doesn’t have to take any pills at all. She also looks half her age and is also as energetic as if she were in her mid-twenties although she is 50 years of age. So one knows this guide isn’t just a compilation of gibberish but rather a tested and proven to be efficient program.

Since all the ingredients it mentions are organic one doesn’t have to worry about adverse side effects on health. Neither does one have to fret over the foods not being tasty. Each recipe is delicious and easy to prepare; it makes one into a cook! Basically, it is a plant-based program that can be easily followed by vegetarians.

However, meat lovers can also follow it together with eating their meaty dishes because it is compatible with other diets. Positive customer reviews online show that this program works wonders for most of its users. People are all praise about it. This further stamps on its reliability. An easy to follow guide that makes eating fun and healthy.

What does it comprise of?

The guide makes nutrition and health easy by dividing it into stages. It is a convenient way to healthy eating. Since the diet plan is known as, “12 Steps to Whole Foods” one does wonder what these twelve steps are about. Below given is a brief overview of the these:

  1. Green Smoothies: How to multiply health benefits in just 10 minutes and double fiber consumption through drinking green smoothies
  2. Salads: How to make them delicious and nourishing at once
  3. Salad dressings: These don’t just look tempting but are healthy as well
  4. Fats: How to differentiate between healthy fats and unhealthy fats
  5. Gardening: This part discusses how and what kind of garden you should go for
  6. Plant-based meals: How to prepare vegetable and herb based main courses
  7. Junk foods: How to replace unhealthy eating habits by healthy ones and tossing junk foods that are rich in salts out of one’s diet
  8. Preserving foods: How to keep raw foods fresh with the use of prebiotics and how to not at all depend on artificial preservatives
  9. Bread: How to take whole grain bread instead of white bread
  10. Breakfasts: Recipes and how-to guides for cooking delicious and nutritious breakfasts
  11. Snacks: A load of recipes of snacks that are healthy and tasty for munching on during the day
  12. Alkaline diet: This step is for advanced readers about how one can subscribe to an alkaline-based diet

The health benefits of following this diet

One can derive several health advantages by going for 12 Steps to Whole Foods. First off, one must know that healthy eating can save him from several diseases and ailments. Unhealthy eating leads to obesity, diabetes and heart problems among several other illnesses. With this diet plan, one can speed up his metabolism to lose weight rapidly and also find himself more active and productive. So for people who only want to follow this diet in order to chop off some pounds, this program is an efficient way to do so.

It also helps reduce stress and maintain a better mood. It keeps cravings at bay so one doesn’t have the to urge of resorting to unhealthy foods every now and then. It slows down the process of aging by combating its harmful symptoms. It promotes improved cognitive functioning as well, saving one from psychological problems. It strengthens immunity and combats inflammation so that a one can stay healthy.


There are several diet plans available in hard-copy form or online in e-book format. What makes this one stand apart is the fact that it doesn’t contain filler content. It is a guide on how to maintain a healthy diet and reap the goodness one sows. With this program, one can lose weight and get fit. Apart from assisting one in his weight loss journey, it also helps him get fit. For all those who want to stay healthy and away from diseases, this diet plan is the perfect option. 12 Steps to Whole Foods by Green Smoothie Girl, is an effective and above all trustworthy program.


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